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Tom Felton’s Dating Life: Does the Draco Malfoy Actor Have a Wife?

  • Thomas Andrew Felton was flung into the spotlight with the whirlwind popularity of the Harry Potter Franchise. Is he married?
  • Since his love affair with Jade Olivia, Felton has been in a two-year relationship with South African jeweller, Roxanne Danya
  • In Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing up a Wizard, he details the purest loves with Emma
  • Emma Watson and Tom always had each other’s back, but there has never been a spark beyond a deep friendship.


Tom Felton is best known for playing Draco Malfoy, the anti-hero of the “Harry Potter” series. He is also popular for being the exact opposite of his infamous character. The Draco Malfoy actor is not snobbish or pompous; he is humble, extremely talented, funny and attentive to his fans. In 2015, he even produced a documentary about his fans called “Tom Felton Meets the Superfans.”

Handsome and dashing, how can you not fall in love with this Draco Malfoy actor?

With an endless list of loveable qualities, it’s not hard to fall for the actor behind Draco Malfoy. So it’s not surprising that Tom Felton has plenty of fans who dream, if not aspire, of being his significant other. But with so many people in love with him, including other celebrities who are often linked to him, people want to know: is he in a relationship? Does Tom Felton have a wife?

The short yet uncertain answer is NO.

As of early 2021, the Draco Malfoy actor is single and ready to mingle — but maybe not for long.

Tom Felton’s Wife: Is He Married?

Thomas Andrew Felton, the magical bad boy of the Harry Potter franchise, has intrigued fans for more than twenty years. When we first met the English actor in The Sorcerer’s Stone, his cool confidence caught the attention of Harry Potter lovers worldwide. Even his co-star Emma Watson (the young actress who played Hermione Granger) has confessed to having spent years with a crush on him. For years now, we’ve loved Tom and his affable good looks. So, the question, “Is he single?” is on the minds of many. 

Tom’s love life has largely been kept private. Harry Potter stars were thrust into the limelight early on in their lives. The cast grew up on stage during the making of the series, and as we went along for the ride, there was a feeling that we were somehow a part of their story. 

There is much speculation surrounding the identity of his girlfriends. This is accompanied by the guesses about who will finally take on the role of his wife. Though he had a few long-term relationships in the past, no one has been quite right to claim him forever yet.

Although a notorious Slytherin in Harry Potter, Tom is actually a Gryffindor, according to the Pottermore quiz. He’s the total opposite of the role he spent the better part of his childhood playing. He’s known for his quick wit and humility. Despite his kind and easy-going nature, he has no issues with being typecast as a villain and relishes the chance to let his evil persona out.

Tom Felton may enjoy playing the bad boy, but he is said to be a good guy in real life. He is sweet and funny, and attentive to his beloved dogs. His rugged natural good looks are a far cry from the slicked-back tow-head we knew as Malfoy. His winning smile has fans swooning around the world and scouring the internet for any sign that he might still be available.

So the question remains, is the handsome bachelor we’ve all been in love with married, or is he still on the market? So far, the word out is that he is not yet married, but we can expect that the one that will capture his heart may appear at any time.

Tom Felton’s Girlfriend: Roxanne Danya

Roxanne Danya is a jewelry designer from South Africa. Her designs are rustic and understated with classic elegance. Not much is known about Roxanne except that Tom is a fan of her work. 

Star Tom Felton has reportedly been dating Roxanne Danya for the better part of two years. They supposedly met in South Africa when he was on set for the filming of Origin in 2018. This is probably the time when Tom discovered her jewelry line and became her fan. In 2019, he was spotted wearing seahorse jewelry, reportedly designed and created by Roxanne. 

Speculation about the rings and necklaces displaying seahorses has been a topic of much intrigue. Fans will not be fans if they don’t try to figure out the significance behind the jewelry Tom, or any other celebrity, wears. But there may be some truth in what fans are circulating.

Later in 2019, Tom and Roxanne were spotted on rendezvous in Mauritius and Hawaii. There is some chatter about a very special flower delivery ordered by Felton while in Hawaii. In February 2020, Tom and Roxanne were seen together in Cape Town while Tom was vacationing. He is frequently seen wearing a seahorse necklace and a ring designed by the enigmatic Roxanne on his ring finger. 

So what is the significance of the seahorse? We cannot be sure, but Tom writes in his memoir, “To my beloved seahorse, for being my lighthouse every day and teaching me bassoon.” With such affectionate words on display for the world to see, there can be little doubt that Roxanne has taken the place of great affection in Tom’s heart and may very well be the lady to get a ring on her finger. 

They are eager to keep their relationship on the down low, thus the codename “Seahorse.” But Tom is frequently photographed wearing his seahorse necklace, indicating that this romance may be anything but casual.

Roxanne has recently moved to London to be with Tom. They have two fur babies together – Willow and Forrest – and are spotted casually walking their labradors on the streets of London. Not much about Tom’s latest love is known, but their giddy smiles speak volumes.

Who is Tom Felton Dating: A Look Back at Ex-Girlfriends and Potential Girlfriends

Like other celebrities, Felton has his dating list. While it may not be as long as Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend list, Felton has many notable names in his. He has fallen in love more than once and taken girls out on dates.

Tom Felton’s relationship status is always a question of great interest to many fans. But Tom has largely kept his love life private. Having his every move tracked since the first Harry Potter movie may have played a role in Tom trying to keep certain aspects of his life just to himself.

Tom’s First Known Love: Melissa Tamschick

Then 17-year old Tom Felton was portraying Draco Malfoy for a third year in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” when word came out that he was in a relationship. Tom Felton’s first girlfriend (made public) was singer Melissa Tamschick. The paparazzi caught photos of the couple in a local airport, both of them donning brown clothing ensembles. Everyone was eager to know who had entered the Tom Felton dating life. 

Not much is known about the Draco Malfoy actor and his relationship with Tamschick except that the couple first got together in April 2004 and broke up in March 2007. Their relationship lasted for three years and three months.

Was There an Overlap? Tom Felton and Phoebe Tonkin

Tom Felton enjoying the company of his then-girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin

The second popular Tom Felton girlfriend is Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin.

Born on July 12, 1989, Phoebe Jane Tonkin is best known for her roles in “Tomorrow,” “H20: Just Add Water” and “The Secret Circle.” Her most recent and notable role as Hayley Marshall in the spin-off of “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Originals.”

Like Felton, Tonkin has a magical list of ex-boyfriends, which include “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick, her “Shark Night” co-star Xavier Samuel and “The Circle’s” Chris Zylka. The Draco Malfoy actor is also on her list as her first celebrity boyfriend.

But there seems to be an overlap. As mentioned above, Felton dated Tamschick until March 2007. News sources state that Felton and Tonkin started dating in 2006. No one knows for sure but one can only speculate that our favorite “Harry Potter” bad boy may have dated both girls at the same time at one point.

Whatever their story was, Tonkin did not bear the Tom Felton girlfriend badge for too long. The pair split in 2008.

The Tom Felton Girlfriend We All Knew About: Jade Olivia Gordon

Onscreen, they were Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, aka Husband and Wife.

The Draco Malfoy actor did not stay single for too long after his split with Tonkin. A few months after separating from her, he started dating Jade Olivia Gordon, a gorgeous professional stunt assistant.

Born on April 24, 1967, Gordon is best known for work on “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Avengers: Endgame.” But her claim to fame was her small role as Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy in “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2.” What was interesting in her short stint in the Wizarding World was that the public did not know that the woman portraying Tom Felton’s wife in the series was his real-life girlfriend. Draco Malfoy’s wife would gain notoriety together with the rest of the Harry Potter stars. 

Felton and Olivia Gordon first met on the set of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” In 2008, they started dating.

Felton was very much in love with his then-girlfriend, Jade Olivia Gordon, gushing about her to news outlets. In an interview with Express back in 2015, he called Gordon his best friend, saying that he loves how she understood him and how he didn’t feel the need to sugar-coat things with her.

Talking about Gordon’s famous cameo as Draco’s wife, during The Deathly Hallows, Felton said that he was the one who encouraged her to take the role. He said that she was initially reluctant but he “pulled her arm and twisted it.” When she agreed, Gordon filmed with the cast for three days at King’s Cross. Felton called it a rushed yet a very fond moment, as he was “married” to his girlfriend for three days.  Stunt assistant Jade and Tom were clearly living in the moment with each other. But their relationship was not to last long outside of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Sadly, the couple quietly separated in January 2016. In 2017, Gordon started dating professional golfer Patrick Rodgers, whom she married in May 2019. As for Tom Felton, there was no wife or girlfriend in sight, but he was seen kissing an unknown woman in 2018. In 2019, he was spotted walking his dog with “The Flash” star Justine Brennan.

But there was no official Tom Felton girlfriend — only rumors and wishful thinking, particularly with one of his former “Harry Potter” co-stars.

The One That Got Away? Tom Felton and Emma Watson

In the world of “Harry Potter,” Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger loathed each other. He was mean to her, calling her the offensive word “mudblood” whenever he can. She returned the favor by foiling his bullying, slapping him that one time and hating him with the same passion. Malfoy and Hermione’s tension, however, fueled fans to see a potential spark between the two, resulting in a huge DraMione (Draco and Hermione) fan base.

In real life, the same can be said for Tom Felton and Emma Watson, aka the actress behind Hermione Granger. Unlike their “Harry Potter” characters, Felton and Watson are good friends. Together with their co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, the pair hung out with the rest of the “Harry Potter” cast and spent most of their teenage years growing up together. Tom admits the filming had to have been most difficult for Emma as she was the youngest and the only girl in the group. This may have contributed to his protective nature towards her. 


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Tom Felton and Emma Watson claim that they are just good friends with good onscreen chemistry. Tom wrote that he and Emma had a spark for one another, but the timing never coincided. Their secret love was not to be mutual. But over the years, the pair has been surrounded by speculations and dating rumors — even when Tom Felton had a girlfriend. And we can’t blame the tabloids. Just take a look at Felton and Watson’s so-called “relationship” timeline:

  • August 2011. In an interview with Seventeen, Watson revealed that she nursed a crush on Tom Felton when they first started filming the first two “Harry Potter” films. The best part is Felton knows about her crush and they often talk and laugh about it.
  • April 2016. The tides turn, however, as Felton revealed in another interview with Seventeen that he didn’t know about Watson liking him. So, what’s the real tea?
  • November 2018. The “Harry Potter” co-stars first sparked relationship rumors when Watson a posted a photo of them on Instagram. Her caption congratulated Felton for his role in the “Origin” series. Apart from hanging out by the Californian beach, the pair also enjoyed a day of skateboarding. Felton talked about the reunion in an interview with Us Weekly, admitting that they often meet up; they just don’t post it often. The Draco Malfoy actor made readers swoon when he admitted that he always enjoyed spending time with her.
  • February 2019. The pair hung out again and capped off the day with Emma Watson posting a photo of herself — with the said photo being taken by Tom Felton. She captioned the Instagram photo, “Friends capture you best.” She may have called Felton a “friend,” but that didn’t stop Draco and Hermione shippers from running wild with the rumors.
  • August 2019. A few months later, Watson and Felton saw each other again, which led fans to believe the pair were toying with their emotions. Felton posted a photo of himself at the beach, giving Watson the credit. His caption: “Women do it better.” In the same month, he also posted a photo of him teaching Watson how to play the guitar in South Africa. Draco and Hermione shippers flooded the photo with comments, freaking out over the possibility of the pair dating in real life.
  • November 2019. Emma Watson reveals to the world that all the DraMione rumors are false, confirming that she’s single and happy about it. She calls her relationship status “being self-partnered.”

Thomas Andrew Felton released his new memoir Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard in October 2022. In Tom’s memoir, Beyond the Wand, the English actor reveals that he and Emma clashed initially. He made fun of her for not knowing what a boom mic was and teased her for performing a dance for the castmates. But the rivalry between Watson and Tom Felton was not to last. 

He confesses that he has always loved and admired Emma Watson and shared a secret love for Emma. He also dispels myths about their dating, stating they are soul mates with a true friendship only. Roxanne can rest easy that his heart belongs to her and Emma Watson and Tom are just dear friends. He never felt the need to explain to anybody else his relationship with star Emma Watson, though fans might want to hear otherwise.

Since Watson’s statement of singleness, the pair were yet to be seen together. And then the “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” happened.

Dramione in “Harry Potter 2oth Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts”

Tom Felton is an integral part of the Harry Potter franchise, but it might surprise fans to learn that throughout all 8 films (and eight years of filming), he only has a little more than 30 minutes of screen time. But this didn’t lessen his impact on fans of the series.

2022 started off magically with the long-awaited Harry Potter reunion. Apart from tripping our nostalgia buttons, the HBO Max special touched on a subject concerning Tom Felton and Emma Watson’s relationship: were they ever together?


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Watson confirmed that they were never together romantically, but she did have a huge crush on him. According to the “Little Women” actress, she first fell for Felton when they were in class together. The teacher asked them to draw what God looked like and Felton drew a girl with a cap on a skateboard. Watson couldn’t explain why but that was the moment she started having a crush on her fellow Potter actor. The actress went on to talk about how she would always look at their call sheets and if she saw the number 7 (which was Felton’s number), it would be an “extra exciting day” for her.

Watson knew her little crush would just stay a crush since Felton was older than her by three years. On the other hand, Felton knew about her little crush, but that didn’t change the way he treated her. If anything, he became more protective of her. The actor admitted to having a soft spot for his co-star and that feeling continues to the day, calling their relationship a ‘kinship.’

Despite all of these heartwarming details concerning the actors behind Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, Emma Watson pours water over the Dramione dream by saying “Nothing has ever, ever happened romantically with us.” But she did say that she loved him and and he said the same. Plus, Watson concluded her Draco and Hermione speech with a sly “That’s all I can say about it.”


Although we are confident they are still good friends, any hope for Tom Felton and Emma Watson to date each other in real life is put to rest — for now.

FACT: Tom Felton is Not Married

Despite being paired with Watson and other celebrities, it seems like the Draco Malfoy actor needs more magic when it comes to finding a girlfriend. In February 2020, The Sun reported that Tom Felton had signed up to celebrity dating app Raya to find true love.

According to a close source, Felton has long struggled to find someone he can connect with, as well as someone who understands his hectic lifestyle under the spotlight. But so far, he seems to be happy with his single status.

So if you’re a big fan of Tom Felton, rejoice, he’s still single! But being the loveable Tom Felton that he is, he may not be single for too long.

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