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Chinese Street Fashion: Avant-Garde Style Hits the Streets and Tiktok

Tiktok trends have become a part of life since the start of the pandemic. One week, your feed will be spammed with people dancing to “Blinding Lights,” and the next week, it’s videos of people showing off their hardcore makeup…


Where They Are Now: The Aftermath of The One Direction Breakup

One Direction started its career in The X Factor and quickly became a singing sensation worldwide. When Malik left the group suddenly, the remaining four continued on for only 5…

tom felton

Tom Felton’s Dating Life: Does the Draco Malfoy Actor Have a Wife?

Thomas Andrew Felton was flung into the spotlight with the whirlwind popularity of the Harry Potter Franchise. Is he married? Since his love affair with Jade Olivia, Felton has been…

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