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How Living in the Moment Can Help You Prioritize Your Well-being

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many changes to one’s lifestyle. Of course, staying at home became a need for everyone. So we also had to adjust our daily routines. Many individuals are now studying or working remotely. Others decided to open up a small business to make ends meet.

But, despite these challenging moments, you should choose to look at the brighter side as well. You now have more time on your hands. If you’re indoors for most parts of the day, you can use that as a chance to focus on yourself and your well-being. You may want to try out a new hobby, get a new hairstyle, update your wardrobe, and so on.

Choose to Live in the Moment

During the early months of 2020, we were looking forward to what the rest of the year had to offer. But, once the pandemic took place, we had to put most of our plans on hold.

So, as days passed, you probably convinced yourself to look for ways on how you can adjust to the situation. However, there may still be instances when you’d feel like you’re missing out on life. Of course, there are many things that one can enjoy outside the comfort of their home. But, instead of focusing on what you can’t have, you should choose to live in the moment.

Prioritize Your Health

With uncertainties nowadays, stress and anxiety are becoming a common problem in society. Even if you’re with your loved ones, it’s still possible to feel alone with your thoughts. You may be worried about the future of your career or how you’ll be able to meet your daily expenses.

This is why you should first learn how to prioritize your physical and mental health. And one way of doing that is by journaling. It may not seem like much, but expressing your feelings through words can be a great way of getting back on track. Whether it’s listing down your goals for the year, the things that you’re grateful for, and more.

Do Something Different

You can also use this as a chance to try out something new. There are now many trends that are surfacing online, from cooking videos, exercise routines and even fashion statements. Not only will these help you to pass the time, but they can lighten your mood as well.


Gardening and Cooking

Let’s say you’re a lover of nature. At present, indoor gardening is becoming a hobby of many individuals. You may want to plant some flowers or even start a small vegetable garden in your backyard. Over time, you can also try creating new recipes and using those as ingredients for the dishes you’ll prepare for you and your family. In that way, you’ll get to save money as well.

Physical Activities

Our physical appearance also plays a big role when it comes to our self-esteem. So, even if you’re only at home for most parts of the day, it’s still ideal that you take care of your figure. Aside from eating healthy and trying out a new activity, you can do some exercises as well.

After a long day at work, you probably feel tired or drained. So, by moving your body, you’ll get to feel a boost in your energy. If you’re a morning person, you can even choose to do it shortly after waking up. The important thing is that you find the time to squeeze it into your daily routine.

Self-care Practices

On weekends, you can also choose to pamper yourself, whether it’s by going to a spa to get a facial or a salon to get a haircut. Many places can offer such services no matter where you may be. But it will be best if you kept in mind that there are still safety protocols that you’d need to follow when going outside.

See the Good in Things

Instead of dwelling on the negative effects that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, you should choose to shift your focus towards the positive aspects. Yes, some things weren’t a part of your plan. But, times like these also teach you the importance of prioritizing yourself more. Whether it’s by writing down how you feel or adapting new habits along the way. You can even choose to reward yourself every once in a while.

Incorporating all these into your lifestyle can benefit you in the future. So, along with the many challenges we face daily, you must learn how to make the most out of every moment as well.

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