The Ryan Reynolds Workout: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for a Hollywood Body

If there is any actor who ages gracefully and sexily, Ryan Reynolds is that actor.

In 1999, Reynolds was just the tall and gangly fresh face of Hollywood, complete with his ‘90s goatee and a hair reminiscent of N*SYNC. Since his Hollywood debut, however, Reynolds has continued to transform before the eyes of the public. During his mid-to late-2000s “Just Friends” and “The Proposal” days, Reynolds perfected the goofy boy-next-door look with a leaner physique.

There’s no doubt about it: Ryan Reynolds has a body to die for. (Photo from Pinterest)

By 2016, however, Ryan Reynolds reached greater heights with his body. Once it was confirmed he was set to play the superhero Deadpool, Reynolds flexed the ultimate “flex” — a ripped body complete with toned and muscular arms, biceps and pectoral muscles.

Since then, Ryan Reynolds’ body became one of the standards for people aiming for a healthier and fitter physique.

Who wouldn’t want to look as hot as a shirtless Ryan Reynolds?

Like his fellow superhero actors, Reynolds had to undergo a strict diet and workout regimen to look cool in his Deadpool costume. But it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine for him. It took great determination, skill and discipline to achieve the body he has now.

How did one lean and mean comic machine transforms into a super ripped comic superhero? If you want to know and achieve Ryan Reynold’s gold standard of a fit body, here’s everything you need the low-down.

Blade: Trinity Changed Ryan Reynolds’ Workout Routine

In an interview with Muscle and Fitness, Reynolds admits that prior to his physical transformation, he lived like a frat boy. During his “Van Wilder” days, he had an unhealthy diet. He ate and drinks whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

In 2004, however, Reynolds was cast in “Blade: Trinity,” his first project in the pre-cinematic Marvel Universe. His role as vampire hunter Hannibal King convinced Reynolds to take his health and fitness seriously. According to the actor, their in-house trainer (for the film) wanted Reynolds to gain 10 pounds and to muscle up. After all, he needed to lift people over his head and throw bloodsucking vampires around.

And the “Just Friends” actor took that recommendation seriously.

For three months, Reynolds had six daily workouts, each spanning two to three hours and started off with 500 to 1000 sit-ups plus heavy weights to bulk up his muscles. Since he was “a pretty scrawny guy,” his trainer discouraged him from doing any cardio and had him focus on weight training. Reynold’s weight training regimen included different exercises at eight to twelve reps.

During his first week of the grueling workout, the actor wanted a “sweet release of death.” Eventually, he got over it and loved his workouts.

Ryan Reynolds’ Workout: Changing Physiques



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At this point of his career, Ryan Reynolds is enjoying a fitter body. But being the versatile actor that he is, he doesn’t settle for one body composition. He coasts from one body type to another as he changes roles. He bulks up for superhero and action movies and slims down for his comedy and romance films.

According to Bobby Storm, one of Reynolds’ long-time personal trainers, Reynolds would base his workouts on whatever the film required him to do. For instance, if he had to prepare for fight scenes, they would train by kickboxing. For “Blade: Trinity” and “Green Lantern,” Reynolds had eight percent body fat and weighed 200 pounds.


The only break “The Proposal” actor gets is whenever he was cast in a rom-com or a comedy. Still, he visits the gym regularly to stay fit and healthy. That’s just how he rolls.

The Ryan Reynolds Workout: How Did He Get Ripped for Deadpool?

Currently, the “Deadpool” actor’s workout is all about functionality. He admits that he used to look like an Olympian but couldn’t perform like one. Simply put, he was aesthetically fit, but he wasn’t exactly in great shape.

Now, all of his workouts serve two purposes: it makes him look good while giving him the strength and energy he needs.

At the beginning of his workout days, Reynolds used to focus on his core for the abs. Now, his sessions begin with mobility. The actor spends 10 to 15 minutes of moving and opening up his body. Apart from strengthening his body, the workouts are meant to help him recover from years of action sequences, onscreen fights and 15-hour workdays.

Although the actor is committed to bulking up for his action roles, he doesn’t practice pushing himself to the limit. Not every workout has to be a level 100. If he doesn’t feel well, Reynolds and his trainer make adjustments to make sure the intensity of the workout matches how he felt.

In terms of his routine, Reynolds prefers a full-body workout. Instead of focusing on one area of the body, he trains all parts in a span of five days.

Ryan Reynolds’ Workout For Deadpool 2


Ryan Reynolds has been a charismatic character since his days on Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place and Van Wilder in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Although some things remain unchanged, one distinct change is notable; he was much slimmer in his early twenties compared to now when he proudly displays an enviable, defined physique.

Intense Workout

The workout plan was so intense that the mere thought of it could make your muscles ache. It generally lasted two to three hours and began with nearly 500 to 1000 sit-ups. To bulk up, Reynolds implemented heavyweights into his regimen and eliminated cardio. Weight training included exercises at reps between eight to twelve times for six days each week!


The warm-up consisted of elevated breathing, foam rolling, cat-cow, thoracic rotation, and hip circles.

Elevated Breathing

Lie on the ground, with your feet at a 90-degree angle resting atop a box or bench. As you breathe in for four seconds and then exhale for eight seconds, focus on directing your breath to the pelvis area.


First, get on all fours and make sure your spine is straight. Then curl up with your back arched and your head bent downward. After that, imagine some unseen force pulling your whole body upwards from the top of the spine until you are upright again; then, come back down to achieve your original posture while curling inwards as if you were being pulled downwards by an invisible string once more.

Foam Rolling

To ensure your legs and back remain free of tightness, take a few minutes to roll them out with a foam roller. Start by rolling out the calf muscles underside of your knees and then the IT band on the lateral thigh region between the hip and knee.

Thoracic Rotation

Position yourself with your heels on the floor, knees bent, and your right palm pressed down. Curve your left arm such that your hand is tucked against your back. Activate mid to upper body rotation as you open up to the ceiling.

Hip Circles

To begin, get on all fours with your spine straight. While maintaining the alignment of your upper body and remaining still in the lower back, rotate your right hip and leg clockwise five times. Then reverse counterclockwise for the other side, too – repeat this process ten times to work both joints through their full range of motion. They might be tight from sitting, but this is an excellent way to take control and support optimal movement again.

The Actual Workout

Ryan Reynolds’ full body workout routine is done as a circuit so that you will execute one complete set of each exercise with minimal rest time between sets. The complete cycle consists of five rounds in total!

Kettlebell Swings

Saladino says there’s no such thing as the perfect exercise – yet this is one of his most beloved. He emphasizes that it trains your posterior chain, vital for daily bodily function. What he enjoys so much about kettlebell swings is their ability to work every part of the body in one move!

Bench Press

You should secure the barbell with a medium grip. As you move closer to your body’s centerline, you’ll find this exercise increasingly difficult.

Front Squat

You should be able to maintain proper form and feel the weight is heavy but manageable. If barbell front squats are difficult, substitute them with goblet squats using a kettlebell or dumbbell. As always, pay close attention to your back positioning, and don’t let it round out!


You should generate tension in your body by controlling movement and extending your arms fully during each rep. If it’s difficult for you to do pull-ups with excellent form, use an assistance band connected to the bar and practice assisted reps instead!

A Round of Carries

Challenge yourself by completing each round with a variety of kettlebell exercises. Select an amount of weight you can manage with proper form, and if needed, substitute any exercise that is too difficult for an easier move. Some variations of the exercise include:

  • One-Arm Rack Carry
  • Bottom-Up Carry
  • One-Arm Overhead (Waiter) Carry
  • One-Arm Suitcase Carry
  • Double Suitcase Carry

Once you’ve completed the workout, finish your day with more conditioning work to elevate your heart rate. Take 10 minutes on a stationary bike or treadmill at a moderate pace. Do this regularly and live in the moment! Also, don’t forget to top it off with some good sleep.

Benefits of Ryan Reynolds’ Workout Routine

Ryan Reynolds’ workout plan has morphed significantly over time due to his changing focus, objectives, domestic commitments, and preferred exercises. Now the fittest he’s ever been in life, hardly does he exit the gym feeling drained out. He has impressive eight-pack abs – a standard that many strive for. However, it is crucial to remember you don’t have to excessively train your abdominals to attain such an outcome, as this may do more harm than good. Doing countless sit-ups can be quite detrimental!

Effective and Efficient Workout

Circuits offer an effective and efficient workout that requires minimal time, allowing you to spend more of your day pranking people or fighting crime! In as little as 30 minutes, circuit workouts can target the entire body by rotating between various stations with dynamic exercises using both body weight and weights. So if you’re looking for a quick and productive way to work out – circuits are the way to go!

Who is Ryan Reynolds’ Trainer?

If a celebrity needs to transform their body into an impressive figure, they can look no further than fitness trainer and strength coach Don Saladino. With more than two decades of experience creating superheroes out of Sebastian Stan, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlett Johansson—not to mention countless others—Saladino is the go-to expert for achieving that sculpted movie star physique.

For the past 14 years, Don Saladino has been helping Reynolds stay fit– an introduction that was made possible by Hugh Jackman — who recently posted about his training for a 2024 movie. Little did he know then, but this would be the eventual catalyst for two of Marvel’s greatest rivalries: Deadpool and Wolverine!

Ryan Reynolds’ Workout Diet & Nutrition: The Deadpool Way

Behold, a shirtless Deadpool. (Photo from Maxim)

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ net worth, he can afford to work with celebrity trainers and has access to high-end equipment. Other celebrities have the same privilege but the results aren’t always the same. Celebrities who work out like Reynolds don’t always achieve the same superhero body he has now.

Why is that?

Some actors are known for going overboard with their exercise plans AND diets — to the point that average people who want to try the same regimen find it impossible.

In terms of Ryan Reynolds’ workout, it’s doable. But how about his diet? What does he eat, and how many calories does he consume in a day?

Good news: Ryan Reynolds has a reasonable diet. He does what every person who wants to live healthier does: reduces his consumption of unhealthy fats and avoids junk food. He eats six small meals every day, eating every two to three hours. He consumes a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. All of his carbohydrate consumption is limited to post-workout, and he doesn’t eat anything after 8:00 PM.

Unlike his fellow celebrities, Reynolds doesn’t follow a fad diet, which is good news for average people like you and me. His diet is actually doable! If you want to follow in his footsteps, eat some carbs before a workout and protein after to help repair your muscles.

The only downside to Ryan Reynolds’ diet is his idea of snacks. Apparently, the actor is a big fan of shakes and protein bars. Although both are OK choices, they don’t offer as much nutritional value as real and whole foods.

Swap out the bars and shakes for whole foods divided into little snack portions. Enjoy deviled eggs with an avocado dip, fresh fruit with cheese, nut butter on crackers and other real foods. Also, ditch your favorite Starbucks drink if you can.


Tips for Incorporating Ryan Reynolds’ Workout Routine

If you want to incorporate Ryan Reynolds’ workout routine into your fitness regimen, there are a few key tips to remember. Preparation is essential; visualizing your goal and customizing the exercises to what works for you will help you stay focused and motivated. Additionally, ensure you enjoy what you’re doing in every workout while maintaining proper form and focusing on functionality. Further, focus on gradually increasing weight and intensity as you progress to ensure your exercises are effective.

Healthy Diet

Finally, maintain a healthy diet that incorporates lean proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates. This will ensure that you get the most out of your bodybuilding regimen and stay fit at the same time. With the right dedication and commitment, you’ll soon be well on your way to achieving a Ryan Reynolds body!

Ryan Reynolds’ workout routine is intense and requires dedication, but with the right preparation, visualization of your goals, customizing exercises to what works for you, increasing weight and intensity as you progress, and a healthy diet that incorporates lean proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates – it’s possible to get on your way to building a Ryan Reynolds body. With some hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their dream physique! Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day, so keep at it until you reach your desired results.

Ryan Reynolds is the epitome of a doable superhero body. Like his wife Blake Lively’s bikini-ready body, his physique is enviable but not impossible to achieve. So if you wanna have a superhero body, take a page out of Deadpool’s workout book!

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