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Sleep Is the Best Beauty Elixir

The skin is our most visible organ. Due to our biological instincts, we associate good skin with good health. Our brain automatically concludes that someone who has good skin is a good partner for reproduction. So over the years, we have interpreted this as attractiveness.

What does sleep do for your skin?

Notice how people on the night shift often don’t have good skin tone? Since our body follows circadian rhythms that allow our body to repair itself, disruption can disturb some functions.

While drinking lots of water is important to keep our skin hydrated, staying up late is counterproductive. Melatonin, which keeps our cells from aging fast, is produced at night. Factors that disrupt our sleep often also disrupt the production of this important hormone. Additionally, since when we’re relaxed and sleeping, our cortisol levels drop. So the body can recover the cells that were damaged due to the stresses we encountered that day.

And following a cycle, good sleep improves our mood the following day. When we feel rested when we wake up, we are less likely to be affected by stressors. Again, less stress means lower cortisol levels, and our body functions don’t go into overdrive.

Other than our skin, getting enough sleep helps the rest of our organs. Malfunctioning organs also lead to skin problems. For example, problematic kidneys can lead to grayish skin. So it is safe to say that when we promote healthy internal organs, we are also helping our skin look better.

How many hours should you sleep?

The general recommendation is that you should have good quality sleep for seven to nine hours at night. It’s specifically at nighttime because that’s when your skin cells are being repaired.

You might have read of influencers getting only four or six hours of sleep to maximize their days in achieving their goals. Well, they might have enough money to mask the faster aging of their skin. If you can’t afford to go to a dermatologist every month, then keep your skin healthy naturally.

How can you sleep well?

Yes, it’s good to check out that mattress sale right now. Our bed is an important factor in the quality of our sleep. But it’s not limited to that. Unfortunately, sleeping well has become a specialized art of living. We see the many products that have been developed just to aid people to sleep. It’s become a lucrative business. Because of our hectic lives, even when we’re in bed, we are still preoccupied with so many thoughts. Here are just a few things to condition your body for a restful sleep. Most of them don’t need you to spend a lot. You have to listen to your body’s preference for relaxation.

1. Don’t bring work into your bedroom.

Some people have work desks in their bedroom. Don’t follow this example. Have a separate room for working. Your bedroom should be free of distractions and reminders that lead your mind to work. Don’t place your visualization board in front of your bed. It’s nice to imagine your goals at the start of the day, but it can pressure you when you’re about to sleep.

2. Use plain, clean sheets.


Bold patterns look nice. But colors and shapes lead to unwanted brain activity. Prioritize your relaxation over attractiveness. After all, your bedroom is not a showcase. It’s for you to get a good rest in. Keep it clean because stench and itchiness will keep you distracted.

3. Use diffusers if you don’t have allergies or respiratory problems.

Even if it’s just testimonial evidence, many people feel more relaxed when they smell particular scents. Lavender, for example, is known to aid people in getting quality sleep. If you’re not comfortable with the diffusers that emit smoke, try those that use diffuser sticks. Other scents that are recommended are vanilla, sandalwood, and frankincense. If you don’t want to buy into this oil diffusing lifestyle, you can take a warm bath using bath gels that have these fragrances.

4. Don’t use daylight bulbs in your bedroom.

You see those boxes saying ‘Daylight’ equivalence of the bulbs? Put them in your kitchen, receiving area, and utility room. Don’t put them in your bedroom. Daylight bulbs emit more blue light, and according to studies, blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, which also aids with our body’s circadian rhythms. Experts advise dim lights in the bedroom to help your body ease into relaxation mode at night.

Forget about those expensive creams and skin treatments. The best ways to keep skin young and healthy are natural and cheaper than all those formulas you apply to your skin. Sleep well and drink a lot of water. You’d be surprised how young you’d look compared to your contemporaries.

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