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Extend Your Lifestyle into Your Home Through Decor

Living your truth does not require you to only show it when there is an audience. Decorating your home so that you can relax within your soul is to embrace your truth. It is self-care to choose decor that is in harmony with your inner being.

It is not always cheap to achieve high fashion in interior decorating. But if you spend your money smart, then you can achieve the look without a big investment. Splash out on a big statement piece. Get that handmade rug you have always craved. Go to IKEA and buy the giant chandelier you dream about. Pick the brightest, boldest color and paint only one wall.

Having a strong aesthetic will actually help you here. Indulge your most graphic and colorful design fantasy. Just make sure you do not make any major changes if you are renting your house. There is plenty you can do for decor without risking your security deposit. Wallpaper can be just as startling as bold paint, and it comes off without too much residue on the wall.

Start small to get a feel for what you like and work your way to do more when you feel comfortable.

Paint a Statement Wall

This is just a fun way to shake up a room. It allows you to keep costs low by only needing to buy enough paint for one wall. If you want to make an even bigger statement, then paint the ceiling to match the wall.

Place furniture that stands out vividly against the color you chose. Or do not place furniture at all. Use it as a background for all your art and pictures. Heavily decorate this wall, and it will become the best conversation starter you have ever had.

You Need Layers

If you like the cozy aesthetic, then you need to layer things. Drape a blanket across the top of your couch. Then place three sizes of cushions on it. A side table next to the couch should have a lamp, a coaster, and a fancy box of tissues or a quirky snack container. A floor rug needs ottomans on it.

Dining tables will need a table runner and a centerpiece. The chairs should have cushions tied to them. Choose earthy colors such as ocher, burnt orange, and light oranges to evoke a sense of coziness and warmth. Adding layers of decorations in these colors will give the house a feeling sense of harmony.

Use Your Empty Spaces

Clean out, paint, and decorate the space under your stairs into a crafting corner or toy storage. Put an electric fire into your non-functional fireplace and add shelving to the mantel to extend it into a funky bookshelf unit.

Small corners behind armchairs can take a tall lamp or a pretty plant. Window ledges can be turned into lovely reading nooks. Try to step back and view your space objectively. This may help you to identify empty spaces that could use some decor.   Taking the objective view may require you to ask for opinions as living in the space can make you so used to it that you do not really notice the blank areas.

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Your Hobbies Are Decorative

The best way to make your home fit your aesthetic is to fill it with things you love. Go all out and use the equipment and results of your hobbies to fill your spaces. Hang your macrame, do a clip wall of your photography, or even turn your home into a mini arboretum.

Monochrome It

Paint every piece of furniture the same color. This will give your home an orderly flow as you walk through the space. Rearrange the furniture so that every room contains pieces that are as matching as possible. This will enhance the monochrome aesthetic.

If the idea of matching everything feels too uniform, then change it up across the color palette. Choose shades of your favorite color, so each room has a slightly different feel. For example, a mint green living room can flow from a seafoam bedroom to a pistachio bathroom and finish with a jade kitchen.

Your house will have a consistent personality while maintaining an individual feel in each room. The color palette also makes it simpler to choose other decor items such as picture frames and rugs. You can choose colors that work well with green to create a soothing feel to the rooms or go with something known to contrast to evoke a dynamic and active atmosphere.

If it is a bother to keep fresh flowers and you will not remember to dust plastic flowers, then do not get any. Hang a floral print to give the feel of springtime without adding more cleaning to your day. There is always an alternate choice that will work for your preferred level of cleaning, which also suits your style.

It is your home; choose what makes you feel at home. There is a popular movement these days that advocates built-in storage so that you do not have to see much clutter. This is supposed to reduce anxiety and help the organization.   Some schools of thought have taken this further by advocating for minimalism. This requires you to only keep exactly what you need. Many people who have embraced minimalist living have found that it gives them a great deal of peace. This is the goal. Finding peace and contentment by turning your home into your haven.

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