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Dealing with Burnout in the Midst of a Pandemic

It’s been more than a year since a virus strain disrupted the world as you know it. This viral pathogen that is invisible to the naked eye has been the root cause of burnout, depression, and deaths worldwide. After all this time in quarantines and lockdowns, it can be difficult to see the brighter side of things.

Schools and companies were quick to adapt to the situation by making everything work remotely. Students and teachers conversed through virtual learning platforms, while employers and employees utilized the power of the Internet for their day-to-day operations.

The pandemic forced people of all ages to spend more time on their devices and the Internet than they ever did because, in that case, they had no other choice. It was either to adapt to the circumstances or get left behind, and most people fear missing out.

So they endured. For more than half a year, people have done all their countless interactions through their devices: school, work, social life, groceries, food deliveries, and online shopping, to name a few. But what they might not know is how much this constant exposure to technology is harming them.

Schedule a Regular Detox

Mental burnout is real, and it’s even more prevalent today due to the stress brought about by this pandemic. Sources of stress can include seeing devastating news about the state of the world on social media, the inability to seek comfort from friends, or trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

At this point, you should be able to admit that nothing is normal. The pandemic has affected every aspect of your life, from how you perform your duties at work to how you communicate with your friends. There’s no good reason for you to keep denying what’s clearly evident.

But one thing that has the biggest impact on your mental health is your access to information. While knowing the state of the world can be helpful at times, constant exposure to such devastating news can take a toll on your mental and emotional stability. It can also make you feel more helpless than you already are.

To counter this, you can schedule a detox from the Internet at least once a week. Preferably, you can do this on a weekend so that you won’t be neglecting your responsibilities at school or work. Instead, you can take that time to bond with your family, do your hobbies, or read a book. Escapism may not always be the answer, but sometimes, it is.

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Use the Internet for Good

The Internet isn’t always the villain, especially if you take the multitudes of learning materials at your fingertips into consideration. If you feel like you aren’t doing anything productive because you’re physically immobile, then put your mind to work and learn what you can.

It’s essential to keep your mind sharp through comprehensive brain stimulation. When you’re always at home and doing the same things repeatedly, it can make your mind duller or weaker because it isn’t challenged. So take this time to find valuable exercises on the Internet and keep your head sharp.

You never know what you can come across on the Internet. Even learning about seemingly useless facts and trivia about random figures or animals in history can do you good. Doing this for a few minutes a day can keep your mind off of depressing news, which can brighten your overall mood and aura.

Socialize as Much as You Can

Mediated communication can never beat real-life conversations, but it’s the best option you have during the pandemic. It might be exhausting to talk to a screen for hours on end, especially since you’re already spending all your time in front of the computer, but socialization is a must.

As much as you might not want to admit, humans are social beings. They can require constant communication with like-minded people who they can talk to about everything under the sun. Talking and chatting with your friends about your common experiences can help you deal with the pandemic.

Of course, you might rather bond with your friends over food and drinks, but that’s not really feasible at the moment. At this point, you can only hope that one day, the world returns to normal so you can have a night out with your friends and talk about your lives freely.

Until then, you must do whatever you can to stay sane and mentally sharp amid the pandemic. It won’t be easy because you can face mundane challenges every day, like running out of toilet paper or having an unstable internet connection. Still, if you hold out, you might be able to look back at this very moment fondly.

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