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Who is Lagertha Actress Dating? Meet Michael Persall

The series Vikings has captivated audiences worldwide, with its first season alone drawing a staggering 6.2 million viewers in the US. Among the beloved characters, Lagertha, portrayed by the talented Katheryn Winnick, has emerged as a fan favorite. As fans are intrigued by her on-screen persona, they have also been curious about her love life. Enter Michael Persall, the man who has captured Katheryn Winnick’s heart and has become the subject of much fascination among her dedicated fan base.

Who is Katheryn Winnick?

Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress, born on December 17, 1977, in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. She is best known for her role as Lagertha in the famous historical drama series Vikings. Winnick’s portrayal of the fierce shieldmaiden and wife of Ragnar Lothbrok garnered critical acclaim and made her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Aside from Vikings, she has also appeared in various films and television shows, showcasing her versatility as an actress. With her talent and captivating presence, Katheryn Winnick has established herself as a prominent and respected figure in acting.

Who is Katheryn Winnick’s Husband

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Katheryn Winnick has not publicly disclosed her marital status or confirmed a husband. However, it is worth noting that she has been seen in the company of Michael Persall, a businessman, on her Instagram posts, suggesting that they are in a committed relationship. 

Katheryn Winnick’s Relationship Status

Katheryn Winnick has maintained a low-profile approach when it comes to her personal life and relationships. Her commitment to privacy regarding her relationship status reinforces her desire to keep her personal life away from the public eye.

Who is Katheryn Winnick dating right now?

While she has not officially confirmed her relationship status, her Instagram posts have given glimpses into her life and hinted at a possible romantic involvement with businessman Michael Persall. Despite the lack of explicit statements, her interactions and affectionate moments shared on social media have sparked fan speculation. 

Quick Facts About Katheryn Winnick’s Partner: Michael Persall

Here are some quick facts about Michael Persall, who is speculated to be in a relationship with Katheryn Winnick:

  1. Occupation: Michael Persall is a businessman, although specific details about his professional ventures are not widely known.
  2. Low Public Profile: Similar to Katheryn Winnick, Michael Persall maintains a low public profile, with limited information available about his personal life and background.
  3. Relationship with Katheryn Winnick: While neither Katheryn nor Michael has confirmed their relationship publicly, their interactions on social media have hinted at a romantic connection.
  4. Instagram Presence: Michael Persall has made occasional appearances on Katheryn Winnick’s Instagram posts, showcasing their shared moments and indicating a close bond.
  5. Supportive Partner: From the glimpses shared on social media, it appears that Michael Persall is supportive of Katheryn Winnick’s life, joining her in various experiences and adventures.

Rumors and Speculations

Katheryn Winnick’s focus has primarily been on her successful acting career, and she has chosen to keep her personal life separate from the public eye. As a result, her rumored past partners remain speculative. Here are a few rumored past partners linked to Katheryn Winnick:

  • Travis Fimmel: During their time working together on the TV series Vikings, there were rumors suggesting a romantic involvement between Katheryn Winnick and her co-star Travis Fimmel, who portrayed the character of Ragnar Lothbrok. However, no concrete evidence or official confirmation supports these speculations.
  • Nick Loeb: Katheryn Winnick was also rumored to have been in a relationship with American actor and businessman Nick Loeb. However, details and evidence regarding the alleged relationship remain scarce, and the rumors have not been substantiated.

Katheryn Winnick’s Dating History

Katheryn Winnick has not publicly disclosed an official dating history or provided a timeline of past relationships. She has maintained a private personal life and has not made public statements about her romantic involvements. Therefore, there is no confirmed information regarding her dating history or a timeline of past official relationships. It’s important to respect her privacy and focus on her professional achievements as an actress.

Katheryn Winnick’s On Cam Partners

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Throughout her career, Katheryn Winnick has had the opportunity to work alongside various talented actors in different roles and shows. Here are a few notable on-screen partners she has shared the screen with:

  • Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) in the TV series Vikings: Katheryn Winnick portrayed Lagertha, a fierce shieldmaiden, and wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel. Their dynamic and complex relationship was a central focus of the show, and their on-screen chemistry captivated audiences.
  • Lagertha and Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) in the TV series Vikings: Another significant on-screen partnership for Katheryn Winnick’s character Lagertha was with Bjorn Ironside, her son in the show. Alexander Ludwig portrayed the role of Bjorn, and their mother-son bond and shared experiences were explored throughout the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Katheryn Winnick have a child?

No, Katheryn Winnick does not have a child. While she portrayed a mother in the TV series Vikings, she does not have any children of her own.

Who is the actor of Ragnar’s wife?

The actor who portrayed Ragnar’s wife, Lagertha, in the TV series Vikings is Katheryn Winnick.

What is Katheryn Winnick’s accent?

Katheryn Winnick’s accent is Canadian, as she was born in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. However, she is skilled at adopting various accents for her acting roles.


Katheryn Winnick is a talented Canadian actress best known for her role as the shieldmaiden and wife of Ragnar Lothbrok in the TV series Vikings. While her exact relationship status is unknown, there have been speculations that she could be in a relationship with businessman Michael Persall. Katheryn Winnick has maintained a low-profile approach to her personal life and relationships, preferring to keep her private life away from the public eye. In terms of her on-screen partners, she has previously worked with Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig in the series Vikings, to name a few. Ultimately, Katheryn Winnick has achieved success and recognition for her acting talents and continues to be an inspiring figure in the entertainment industry.

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