Spelling out the Success of Netflix

Let us play some word association here. What comes to mind when you hear the words “streaming,” “binge,” “chill,” “movies,” and “series?” You may not have reached the last word before the right answer came to your mind. Yes, you are right. The word is “Netflix.”

More and more people are starting to get hooked on this streaming service. Some who are still not aware of this entertainment trend might ask why. What makes Netflix so endearing to people? Here are some quick and straightforward answers:

Convenience: Bringing Entertainment Anywhere

A movie night in the distant past involved a lot of effort. It means getting into a queue to have tickets and some food. It also means not being able to get the best seat or best time to enjoy the movie.

Imagine a movie night at present. You may lounge in some comfortable bedroom furniture you ordered online. You can have food delivered to your home with only a few clicks. Then there’s Netflix. It completes the experience by providing seamless streaming at home. This is convenience at its finest. People do not even have to step out of their homes to get premium entertainment.

Affordability: Being Easy on the Pocket

People love to get value for their money. Netflix does not disappoint in this aspect. With a reasonable subscription fee, one can enjoy great content. Subscribers also have the option to upgrade, downgrade, or unsubscribe plans anytime. It even allows account sharing depending on the plan you choose. These help people to have access to quality entertainment without breaking the bank. Also, there is an option to download movies and watch them offline. Thus, people can save on a fraction of Internet fees.

Instant Gratification: Satisfying the Need of Not Getting Interrupted

Netflix took the term binge-watching to a new level. Viewers do not have to wonder what happens next. They do not have to wait for the next day or next week to find some answers. Netflix offers TV series that have complete seasons and episodes. Thus, a viewer has the liberty to finish one episode, a part of the series, or the entire season in one sitting. The preference lies in the person’s tenacity. This approach does not make people lose interest. It even makes them feel more excited.

Netflix also understands the frustration of interruptions caused by ads and commercials. Thus, they offer an ad-free watching experience. The people behind this streaming service know how to give instant gratification.

Originality and Diversity: Expanding the Viewer’s Choices

Netflix has a wide offering. It covers TV series, documentaries, and movies of any genre. To add to this extensive selection, they offer content that is only available to them. As such, viewers get the chance to enjoy many kinds of entertainment. They can go with their moods and get to watch what they want at the moment. People even discover that they have an inkling of a specific genre. This discovery happens when they come upon it as they browse through the list of movies and TV series.

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Personalization: Having Software That Understands

Using Netflix is like having a trusted friend that will give you suggestions of content you like. Its special algorithm helps the platform to take note of your viewing activities. Based on this, they will put selections that they think you would enjoy on top of your list. You do not have to spend so much time browsing through content that is of no interest to you.

This feature helps the platform keep more subscribers. People feel that Netflix understands their needs. The distinct knowledge of their viewers’ preferences makes it a more personal interaction.

Relevance: Connecting People

This platform runs in different countries. As such, it is an excellent conversation starter among people. Viewers can have the simplest discussions about the actors’ fashion style. They can even have a healthy debate about a movie’s plots and twists.

Its global reach helps to connect people who otherwise have nothing or so little in common. People in social media can exchange points of view about the latest trending TV series. Some even find friends through these discussions.

Innovation: Striving to Be a Cut Above the Rest

The appeal of Netflix goes beyond what it can offer. For some people who know of this platform’s history, it is something admirable. This entertainment company knows how to be on top of its industry.

Their first innovation was to offer DVDs through snail mail. Since its humble beginnings, they strove to offer DVDs that are hard to find in other rental shops. Going this extra mile, people started noticing how Netflix wanted to be different.

When Netflix started streaming, they continued to offer unique services. People took notice of such things and embraced this novelty.

The shifting needs and demands of consumers will dictate how Netflix will fair in the future. But, as of now, people are still in a clamor to experience this famous entertainment platform.


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