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Equine Holiday: Trying Horseback Riding on Your Vacation

With the year we experienced, you may have missed many possible holiday activities such as spending your holidays on the beach or abroad. But have you ever considered spending it horseback riding?
Spending your vacation horseback riding may be unfamiliar to you, but it’s much more enjoyable than you can imagine. In horseback riding, you need to formulate your path, make decisions, and steer the horse, all on horseback! You don’t have to wonder if you’ll love horseback riding, wonder how much fun you’d be having instead.

What’s fun in horseback riding?

Riding poses a challenge.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, exciting activities are probably all you do when traveling. Participating in cliff jumping or skydiving is bound to get your heart racing. The same goes for horseback riding.

Horseback riding isn’t as simple as getting on top of the horse and commanding it to steer wherever you want. When riding a horse, you need to be quick-witted, have good mind-body coordination, and determination. The challenges in horseback riding come in various situations. Let’s say your horses get agitated, and you are trying to communicate with them through their headstalls; you need to be calm and collected to steer both of you to safety. If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.

Horseback riding is a relaxing social adventure.

Experiencing the bond you share with your horse not only calms your nerves it also helps you communicate better with animals. Bonding doesn’t only include you and the horse either; horseback riding enables you to make new friends who are into horseback riding or a beginner just like you. Feeling the breeze blow through your hair and feeling like you’re in Red Dead Redemption 2 while doing so is just a bonus.

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Horseback riding teaches you valuable life lessons.

Horseback riding teaches you to be patient and calm as you progress your skill level. Expecting equestrianism to be like your previous vacation is wrong. Not only will you start from nothing, but you’ll also feel your progress and achievements throughout your stay. For your first couple of rides, you may be scared out of your wits, and that’s perfectly fine. You may even start with terrible footing, the wrong way of sitting, and sloppy postures. But through practice, you’ll get better. Remember that everyone started the same way as you did.

If you do try horseback riding on your vacation, you’ll practice patience, being more passionate and responsible to others, and better decision-making while under pressure. What better way to end a vacation with feeling pride and accomplishment?

Precautions when horseback riding

Horseback riding is fun and exciting and all, but it’s also dangerous. Whether you’re an equestrian or a newbie, there is a specific protocol to follow to ensure proper horseback riding, such as:

  • Always wear proper equipment, particularly ASTM approved helmets and torso-protecting safety vests. Whether you’re horseback riding for fun or sports, you should still don gear to protect yourself.
  • Learn the basics before riding an actual horse. Practicing isn’t fun without applying what you’re learning, but it’s paramount to know the basics with an instructor first. Focus on learning how to do an emergency stop, fall safely, and dismount when a horse gets agitated. Learning these basic maneuvers will ensure safe riding for you and your horse.
  • Practice good riding habits. Remember to keep at least one horse length between other riders to be far from others if one becomes agitated. Keep young children away from horses too. Children can spook horses if they come too close.

Learning a new skill will take time and patience. You need to set aside your whole vacation, even to have the chance to improve your riding. Horseback riding, as with any other skills, is the same in this regard. Trying out horseback riding is not only fun and enjoyable; it also helps you form bonds with your companions and teaches you something new. And If you do try horseback riding out, be prepared to have another member of your family, in the form of a big magnificent four-legged friend.

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