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What’s Hot Now? Lifestyle Trends for 2021

Every year people like something different. It is true in food, fashion, work, culture, entertainment and lifestyle. What was once popular is now long forgotten, and what was long forgotten is now coming back in full swing. Trends move in cycles based on our times and what we value in our lives.

In the past, everybody wanted to have a sports car with a big engine. Now the trend is electric-vehicles and efficient usage or resource. Before, we all liked burgers. Now we still do, but those made of soy.

With that in mind, let us look at four lifestyle trends in food, fashion, work and culture.

Food: Pursuit of Excellence

One of the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic was a change in how people view their health. Before 2020, concepts like isolation, social distancing, face masks, and shields were foreign to many of us. As the virus continued to spread, we got more information about the importance of hygiene and having a strong immune system.

As a result, people are now paying much closer attention to what they eat and drink. Aside from taste, they are looking into organic ingredients, micro and macronutrients, energy-boosters and multivitamins. Instead of settling for “whatever is out there” or “whatever I can afford,” the 2021 consumer is willing to spend more money for better nutrition.

As the saying goes, if you are a single upper class you will probably enroll in a first-class dating site. The same is for food. If restaurants, supermarkets, and other food shops want to maintain their customer base, they have to provide quality products.

Fashion: Sustainability Above Profit

A business cannot survive without sales. If expenses are higher than revenue, the company will lose money and go bankrupt. These two sentences are common sense. Nobody will argue against them.

Still, the fashion industry is starting to realize that a profit-centered approach is no longer relevant to our society. People who go shopping for clothes and shoes are now much more aware of where a jacket or pair of jeans come from, who made it, and at what price. Also, with advances in digital technology, information is everywhere, and data can be accessed with ease.

Sustainability in fashion entails two aspects. The first is environmental awareness, the need to use materials and processes that will not deplete our national resources and damage our earth. The second is labor justice. It is no longer acceptable for iconic fashion houses and fast-fashion brands to employ thousands of workers in developing countries at a fraction of the price their employees make.

The result is a system that becomes fairer with each passing day and an industry that continues to evolve.

Work: Global Collaboration

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In the past year, tens, if not hundreds of companies have been forced to shut down. Millions have been left unemployed, and most industries are struggling. Worst of all, the end is nowhere in sight.

Yet, businesses worldwide have managed to adapt. They have started implementing measures to combat the reality of covid-19, the most important one being home-based employment and collaboration.

With the help of presentation and video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meetings, and Skype for Business, enterprises can conduct meetings remotely, saving both money and time. Collaboration tools, like Slack, ClickUp, and many others, allow for the sharing of information and workloads, better efficiency and further transparency.

In the coming months, people will slowly start going back to their offices, many of which will have changed. But the concept of telecommuting is here to stay.

Culture: Social Participation

Often, change is triggered by unfortunate events. The devastating effects of earthquakes have led to rapid advancements in building technology and infrastructure. Covid-19 has forced pharmaceutical companies to push the envelope in research and development. More recently, riots, protests, and political demonstrations have brought to light important social issues.

The trend of participation and social consciousness continues to gain strength, especially among the youth. Whether you are interested in racial equality, labor laws, human rights, feminism, refugees, or environmental protection, the global citizen of today understands the value of knowledge and information. They want change, real change that can affect millions across the globe positively.

And governments are taking notice. They are listening and taking action. They are working together to create awareness and put in place policies to improve the way we live. And it is not just for a privileged few but for us all, regardless of who we are.

Four lifestyle trends are the demand for better food, sustainability in fashion, collaboration in workplaces, and social participation. At present, they are shaping our societies and influencing our choices. They affect what we eat, what we wear, what we do and who we are. And they’re here to stay.

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