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A Quick and Easy Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Since the last few years, sustainable fashion has been the prime topic of discussion in various circles. Environmentally friendly clothing that does not go into landfills is what everyone is looking at. The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the globe a year back has cemented this idea. During the times when people were working from home, the purchase of clothes hit an all-time low.

You would generally find them in their loungewear and night suits. People had thought of ways to utilize them in more than one way. Multi-tasking was the key to sustaining the hard times. Now, that is one queue that the fashion world has embraced.

To learn more about sustainable fashion, read on.

Go for Slow Fashion

Slow fashion means getting wearables launched by various brands that have more longevity. Certain brands today are competing against one another. And in doing so, they are creating collections every other week. And, the wealthy are wearing the clothes for a limited period.

These ultimately go into landfills. These brands also put up the clothes on sale and sometimes replace the original ones with cheap fabrics to draw in more crowds with lucrative deals. Slow fashion stresses the use of natural materials and styles that you can wear on multiple occasions. You can argue that fast fashion is cheaper. But it has its problems and is ultimately detrimental to the planet as they are not recyclable. Go for more expensive but better materials that will stay with you for a long time.

Think and Shop

Check out the labels properly before you buy the clothes. The washing instructions and handling instructions are pretty important. Clothes that do well with cold washing are sustainable than ones that need hot water. You will be saving on the heat energy. You should also shop mindfully. Check out clothes and pieces that you can mix and match on multiple occasions. Something that you buy as a trend may not work next year, so stay away from such clothes. You can buy your clothes from women’s clothing boutiques that sell sustainable fashion or from stores that sell pre-loved clothing. They sell sustainable fashion to the core.

Sustainable Fashion

Try Re-using Your Clothes

If you do not want to wear something badly enough, don’t throw it away. There are several ways you can use it other than wearing it. You can use it as a cleaning cloth. There are more creative ways too. Many companies have taken to remake clothes that are discarded. You can make a bag out of it or a cushion cover as well. Let your imagination run wild.

Moreover, masks are in these days. Try making a few masks out of the old fabrics. They can make your fashion sense livelier. Alternatively, many NGOs always accept old clothes for donation. You can do something for society without spending money. Wash all your discarded clothes, iron them, and then send them to the NGOs.

Start a Renting Business or Garage Sale

You can utilize your old clothes in more profitable ways today. Open a renting business. Today starting an online renting business is easy. You can also try online channels, like social media. Many film crews and entertainment enthusiasts are on the lookout for rented clothing. Send yours. You can also start the service from your garage. Garage stores are something that people love. One thing that you need to remember today is to maintain sanitization norms. Wash the clothes before you hand them over to someone. And sanitize them as well.

Shop Secondhand or Vintage

You can easily access sites that sell secondhand and vintage clothing. Pre-loved items are good for all, including mother earth. You extend the life of these garments and also reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, you also get one-piece clothing that is distinct from the rest. No one gets to wear it but you. You will not feel like a twin at a party again. Get unique clothing at low costs. You are saving the natural resources and earth’s energy by buying such pieces. You are not depleting more natural resources to procure more clothes. There are so many benefits associated with the above.

Take Proper Care of Your Clothes

You can also do your bit for the planet by increasing the longevity of your clothes. That way, they will last longer. You should wash and iron your clothes daily and make sure not to use harmful chemicals. Harsh chemicals decrease your clothes’ longevity. Go for natural solutions, too, as some brands don’t add parabens or phthalates.


These are a few ways you can create a change with sustainable fashion. Even if you do significantly less from your side, these will have huge repercussions in the years to come. The planet benefits from all these small steps you take.

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