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One Size Up? Here’s How You Can Wear that Dress Again

The holidays are over, and you may feel a little bloated. The food has been great in your family reunions, and you couldn’t stop eating. That may have caused you to gain some pounds that’s beyond your control. Then you went back home after the holidays and decided to try some clothes you’ll be wearing at work. To your surprise, the dress was already too small for you. You were shocked to the core.

No one can blame you. Food is one of the best things that everyone has during the holidays. According to a study, a sumptuous Christmas banquet can equate to 7,000 calories. Not to mention how many holidays there are during the winter. You’d put on some weight if the food were excellent.

Now back to that little dress that’s become your problem. How will you be able to wear that when you get back to the office? Here are some useful tips you may apply if you still don’t want to give up that dress.

Get into fitness

One way to lose those holiday gains is to work out. That’s maybe one of the most obvious solutions to a “fitting” problem. Start with having a fitness coach. Being with one can give you a lot of motivation, especially if that coach is good at encouraging you. They can push you to your limits then make you feel fulfilled after every workout session.

Let your coach know which part of your body you’re targeting. These could be the parts that make you not fit your dress anymore. It’ll most likely be your waist, and you need to work on that. Your coach can then teach you the best workouts to tone that body part.

Cook your own food
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Another thing that can help with your fitness is a sensible diet plan. Your meals can help you lose those holiday gains if you control your diet. Preparing your own food can help you keep track of the calories you eat. That’s better too instead of ordering food since you exactly know what you put on your food if you made it.

You can eat vegetables instead of fruits to cut on sugar. Bake using organic cornbread mix and avoid eating chips late at night. Fill up with meat so you can have more protein in your diet. This can also make you feel full, which can help you eat less junk food.

Use foundation garment

Foundation garments are also known as shapewear. They can temporarily alter a person’s body shape. These undergarments are good to make your body fit into some of those clothes you can’t wear anymore. If you decide to depend on shapewear, you have to know which size you should buy.

Choose shapewear that won’t give you unwanted bulges. That won’t look good if you try to put on that dress you wanted to wear back to work. This only means you must choose shapewear that’s not too tight for your body size. Picking the right shapewear could give you that sleek silhouette. If you choose the right size for you, it will be perfect for wearing little dresses.

Repurpose your dress

You may be thinking that it’s better to give up the dress and buy another one. But this solution can only benefit you. Worse, it may only contribute negatively to the world’s never-ending problems with textile pollution. One thing you can do is repurpose that dress that you want to wear. There are lots of DIY projects on the internet that you can take inspiration from. If you only need a little amount of alteration, you can rely on YouTube for self-help guides.

If you think a lot of work needs to be done to let out your dress, you can rely on professionally made alterations. Look for a good sewer that can do something about your dress. Letting out a dress can get complicated, so you would truly need to have someone do it for you. You don’t want to ruin that beautiful dress you’re dying to wear again. Get someone professional to help you with that dress.

Your body can change, but your clothes cannot do so. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about this issue. These tips mentioned above should help you with the dilemma your wardrobe presents. Follow this guide and get back to work with that beautiful dress you’ve always wanted to wear again in the office. This way, you can regain confidence in the proper clothing.

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