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Self Care Essentials: Healthy Skin At Any Age

Self-care is about doing what is necessary for you to be your best mentally and physically. Our physical appearance plays a significant role in the way we view ourselves. Thus, looking good will make you happier and help you to have a better mental outlook. One of the easiest ways to improve your self-image is through skincare. When your skin looks clean and feels fresh to the touch, it can greatly impact how good you feel about yourself.

Every feel-good activity is a process. Whether you wax your eyebrows to shape them well or use whitening LED products to lighten your teeth, you know you need to trust the process and let the effects come through in time. Skincare is exactly like this. You may not see the effect for a few months, but you must trust the process. When the positive effects begin showing, you will be more than happy with the results.

Evaluate Yourself

If you do not give your body the hydration it needs, it does not matter how much money you spend on your skincare products. It is always best to evaluate starting from within. Look at your daily routine and try to see if you have any ill-advised habits that could be contributing to your skin problems.

Not drinking enough water is a huge issue; some people have even found that their skin issues go away when they establish a routine of drinking enough water daily. Oily foods, sitting in the path of a heater or air conditioners, and not changing your pillowcase often enough can also be problematic.

Adjust these bad habits for a few weeks and see if this affects your skin health. This will give you a better idea of what kind of products you need to buy for your skin.

Get the Right Cleanser

Identify your skin type and buy the correct cleanser for it. If you already use a cleanser and your skin still has issues, you may want to consider finding out the ingredients in it. It may contain something that does not agree with your skin. The cleanser matters because the right one can help, but the wrong one could exacerbate existing issues and add new ones. A combination skin cleanser will not provide the impact you need if your problems are oily skin. Dealing with acne requires a different cleanser than fixing dry skin.

A Cleanser is Not Enough

When you use a cleanser, it strips your skin of dirt, sebum, and leaves it clear. Cleansed, moisturized skin can be irritated more easily. This makes it very vulnerable to any dirt or bacteria looking for a shortcut into your pores. You must always use a moisturizer after cleansing to give your skin protection and hydration. Some people like to use a toner before moisturizing as well.

Try not to layer too many products on your skin, which can cause breathability issues and lead to clogged pores. Cleanser, toner, and moisturizer should be enough when you are at home with no plans to go out. Add a moisturizer with SPF if you need to make a quick run outdoors. Add a lightweight primer and an SPF foundation if you plan to wear makeup. Use a heavier moisturizer after taking off the makeup as stripping off makeup can be quite drying for the skin.

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Stop Touching Your Face

This can be a hard habit to break. You may be unconsciously touching your face a lot. But picking at pimples makes your breakouts worse, and pulling at the skin can increase wrinkles. These days, we are now more aware that touching your face can even lead to catching the common cold or influenza.

Be vigilant and break the habit of touching your face. It will allow your facial skin to be safe from whatever bacteria and pore-clogging dirt you have on your fingers. Keep a clean pack of tissues on your for when you need to blow your nose or dab at a sweaty forehead. This is better as the tissue will absorb the sweat and oils, where your hand would have smeared it around with added dirt.

Sunlight is good for your skin in small doses, but avoid directly exposing your skin to it without at least an SPF. Repeated sun exposure has been linked to early skin aging, wrinkles, and skin melanoma. Exfoliate once a week to clear dead skin cells off your face. They are supposed to slough off by themselves but can get stuck and cause clogged pores, which can lead to painful pimples. It is better to avoid this altogether by proactively exfoliating.

Taking care of your skin does not have to be hard. It takes a bit of thought and an extra step in your day. Many people find their skincare routine relaxing and a good way to spend a few moments with themselves. In a busy life, a few minutes to be along with your thoughts while taking care of yourself is a wonderful gift.

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