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Planning an Event within Company Premises? What to Consider

  • Utilize existing resources and ask employees for feedback to reduce event costs and create an experience tailored to preferences.
  • Rent decorations, furniture, entertainment, and audio-visuals to provide a high-quality experience while keeping expenses within reach.
  • Incorporate team-building activities to foster collaboration, increase morale, and recognize individual achievements.
  • Hire a corporate event planning team to help ensure a successful event within the budget.
  • Company events strengthen emotional connections with employers and contribute to organizational success.

Company events are essential for the success of any organization. They create an opportunity for colleagues to come together and celebrate their shared accomplishments, build relationships, and strengthen ties between departments. They can also recognize individual achievements, boost morale, and reward employees with incentives or awards.

Recent studies have found that company events help to foster collaboration and increase employee engagement. A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management reported that 89% of respondents felt optimistic about team-building activities in the workplace. Similarly, research from Gallup has determined that employees who feel engaged at work are 40% more productive than those who do not.

Company events can also increase employee loyalty toward the organization—especially among younger generations. According to a study by Eventbrite, 79% of millennials agree that attending company events strengthens their emotional connection with their employers more than financial rewards do.

Organizations should continue to invest in creating memorable experiences for their employees through company events. However, budget restrictions might limit the ability to plan an event outside of company premises. The following tips can help maximize the experience while keeping expenses within reach:

Utilize Existing Resources

Consider in-house party resources

The importance of utilizing whatever resources you have in the commercial building to save on costs for the company event cannot be understated. By taking advantage of existing resources, businesses can significantly reduce expenses and increase their return on investment. For example, companies can use office furniture, tables, chairs, and other items from their facility rather than renting or buying new ones. Additionally, utilizing existing technology, such as projectors, audio systems, and computers, can help reduce the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Other ways of reducing expenses include relying on in-house catering services or asking employees to bring food and drinks to share. This will help keep costs low and create a sense of community among staff members while they enjoy a meal together. Businesses should also consider using open spaces in their buildings for the event without investing in additional venues or decorations.

Moreover, incorporating employee feedback into the event planning process can help ensure that all attendees feel involved and engaged with the company’s mission and values. Asking employees which activities they would prefer or what type of atmosphere they’d like to see at the event will enable businesses to design an experience tailored to their workforce’s preferences—all while saving money.

Rent Party Essentials

Decor and tables for rent

When planning a company event, it is essential to consider the cost of necessary items. Renting party essentials can be a great way to help keep expenditures within reach while still providing the highest quality experience. Here are four types of supplies that companies should consider renting:


Decorations can help to set the tone and atmosphere of any event. Instead of purchasing decorations, consider renting festive banners, twinkling lights, or other items to give the venue a unique touch without breaking the bank.


Tables and chairs are always necessary for any event. Renting furniture is often more cost-effective than buying new pieces or hiring a setup crew to deliver them from a vendor. Additionally, some table rental services offer flexible delivery and pickup times that cater to the company’s needs.


Incorporating entertainment into an event can make it much more fun for everyone. Consider renting games, such as giant Connect Four boards or foosball tables, for guests to enjoy throughout the evening.


Audio and visual equipment, such as speakers, microphones, projectors, and screens, are essential for any company event. Instead of buying audio-visual equipment outright or hiring someone to operate it, businesses should consider renting this gear from a reliable vendor at an affordable rate.

Get a Corporate Event Planning Team

Organizing a company event can be a daunting and time-consuming task. To ensure everything goes smoothly, business owners should consider hiring a corporate event planning team to handle the details. Event planners will know how to make the most of the budget while creating an unforgettable experience. They can also help organize activities and accommodate special needs or employee requests.

You can find plenty of corporate event planners online and in business directories. Before selecting a team to work with, it is essential to research them thoroughly and read customer reviews to ensure they’ll be able to deliver the highest quality service.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, businesses can maximize their return on investment while organizing company events within their premises. Doing so will help create meaningful experiences that foster team unity, increase employee engagement and loyalty, and ultimately contribute to organizational success.

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