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Your Apartment Space in the Time of Corona

Being cooped up at home for almost two years is nothing less than torture. But do you know what’s worse than that? Being stuck in a studio apartment for nearly two years. The four walls start to look like their moving after a few weeks. Within months, they might induce claustrophobia you never thought you had. And after a year, well, let’s say Shawshank Redemption’s tunneling idea doesn’t seem that bad.

If you’re currently residing in a studio apartment without any immediate plans on moving out, then a possible lockdown due to the COVID-19 omicron variant maybe your tipping point. To avoid that from happening, here are four ways you can maximize your studio apartment’s space to make it look less like solitary confinement and more like the fortress of solitude.

Start thinking vertically.

Think outside the box. Not that box you’re living in but the traditional problem-solving skills you have. You don’t need to throw away your stuff. You can elevate your lifestyle by capitalizing on elevation.

Studio apartments usually have an abundance of vertical space that is wasted. The best example for vertical maximization of space is a lofted bed. By having your bed placed above head level, you get more space for a lounge below and create separation between your living area and your sleeping quarters. And in a mandatory remote work setup, that becomes extremely handy.

The same goes for storage units. Closets can be bulky. Having wall shelves installed can be a great way to maximize your vertical space while still maintaining a very aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Get that wall mounted.

In line with the first entry, mounting furniture, storage units, and appliances on your wall is also a great way to maximize vertical space. You see, most people say that you have to make use of all the surfaces in your home. But what most people forget is the fact that walls are surfaces too.

More than floating shelves, mounting a retractable work desk on your wall can also be a great way to save space. The same goes for dining tables. It’s like the beautiful offspring of minimalism and multi-purpose furniture.

If you can get your TV and computer monitor mounted, that would be better, especially if your mount can be moved and adjusted depending on your position.

storage furniture

Invest in storage furniture.

Storage furniture is the peak homecare invention of this era. This multi-functional furniture does not only save space but also peace of mind. You can buy an ottoman online that can be used as a footstool, a chair, a coffee table, and a storage unit all at the same time. Well, maybe not at the same time, but you get the point.

You can also get a duty box wardrobe. This is a life-size mirror that hides a secret storage unit inside. The pull-out desk stated above also has models that have a storage system built in to maximize space even further. You can also get a room divider with foldable shelves so you won’t only get privacy but also less clutter.

Open your heart to semi-open furniture.

Semi-open furniture has been a great divider for a long time. While most people opt for traditional closed-off dividers, semi-open ones are more than just for Instagram posts.

It’s the same as using bookshelves and closets to make clear sections of your home. The only difference is that you get to let light and air travel through by removing the plywood separating the space. This creates a more spacious effect. And imagine how beautiful your plants would look as they separate your dining area from your living room.

Let the light in.

Lighting is crucial in making a small space appear bigger and moods brighter. Make sure there’s enough natural light in your home by using lightweight curtains and unblocking your windows.

You can also maximize natural light by adding multiple mirrors and other reflective elements to your home. Besides reflecting light, mirrors do actually make your home look bigger.

Lastly, choose a neutral light color scheme for your home. White, gray, beige, or pastel colors with extra lighter shades will do the trick. The lighter your home looks, the less constricting it becomes.

The finishing touches.

These tips will surely make your studio apartment feel homier and spacious from optimizing your walls and storage to capitalizing on light and vertical space. But most importantly, make sure that you clean up all the time. No matter how beautiful your interior design is, if there’s clutter, then all is for naught.

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