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Creating Bonding Moments in the New Normal

Research has shown that isolation and solitude have increased during the pandemic. With the several lockdowns and social distancing protocols that have been implemented, it’s a different challenge to know we can no longer socialize the same way we used to do.

Instead, we’re encouraged to look for alternative ways to socialize and communicate with our loved ones while prioritizing our health and safety. The pandemic might make maintaining and developing relationships tricky, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In the following, we’ll be listing the ways you can create great bonding moments in the new normal.

Having virtual or in-person game nights

With the help of video calls through several online platforms today, virtual calls have become the new normal for socialization. Rather than bearing with the silence, whenever you feel bored, all you have to do is call up your friends with a click of a button. Virtual game nights are the closest thing you can get to a social life during the pandemic. All you need is to come up with a game every game night.

For example, some of the classic games you can play are charades and 20 questions. If you’re living with your family or loved ones, on the other hand, it’s even better to host a game night. You might not see your friends that conveniently, but you can always host a game night within your home. Think of it as a way to spend quality bonding time with the people you love.

Planning movie nights

If there’s one aspect people may miss during the pandemic, it’s the satisfying experience of going to the movies with your friends and family. While you can no longer do that during the pandemic, there are alternatives for movie nights.

For instance, hosting Netflix parties has been a common way to create bonding moments during the pandemic. Since Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms that exist, it’s also a great way to socialize and spend time with the people you love. Whether you have virtual move nights or do it within your home, it’s always a fun way to unwind and spend quality time with those around you.

Working out together

working out together

Exercise is the most underrated yet significant way to move your body and be physically active. Particularly during the pandemic, it’s essential to prioritize your overall health and well-being in mundane ways. With Zoom classes being held in workout sessions, this is another way you can spend quality time with others. It might not compare to the experience of an actual workout close, but it comes close as you have the option of working out together with your loved ones.

Cooking your meals

The pandemic leaves everyone with so much time on their hands, and because of this, it also leaves a lot of room for exploration and creativity. It’s a great bonding opportunity to cook your meals with your loved ones. Trying out different recipes and making a day out of this is another underrated yet memorable way to use your time. You can try cooking various meals or desserts with your family, and even use it as a competition to see whose taste the best. Being stuck at home has also caused more and more people to start taking up cooking t

Playing Sports

There are various classic spots you can engage in amidst the pandemic. After all, just because we’re all adjusting to the new normal, that doesn’t mean you can’t be physically active any longer. It’s all about filtering the type of sports you play with your loved ones. For example, mini-golf has been announced as a pandemic-safe sport to play since you can enjoy this sport even by yourself. Even when playing golf with your family, there’s still an adequate distance between you.

Another recommendable sport to play during these times is duckpin bowling. Something is satisfying about knocking off the pins with your loved ones. To make it pandemic-safe, you can rent an entire venue for bowling, or you could even try to recreate the game at home in your garden. These are just some of the many sports you can still enjoy during the new normal.

While socializing now looks a bit different from what you’re used to, there are significant ways you can still create lasting memories with your loved ones. Just because it’s virtual interaction or socialization like Netflix parties and virtual games doesn’t mean it is less memorable and fun. Treasure each moment, and making unforgettable memories won’t be so difficult.

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