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How You Can Look and Be the Best Version of Yourself

Self-improvement isn’t just limited to the mental aspects of things. It can also include something more tangible such as your physical appearance. Why shouldn’t it? How we look plays an important role in our self-image, and making sure that we look as good as we think brings a whole new dimension to the concept of self-improvement.

Putting in the effort to look better isn’t just for shallow reasons, it can improve our self-concept and make us feel more confident. The fact that it can make us feel empowered is enough reason why we should invest in it. If you want to look as good as can, here are some practical steps for you to follow.

Eat Healthy and Delicious Food

Good health leads to the best version of you. There are fewer health concerns to be worried about, you have more energy to do more during the day, and you generally feel empowered to do more. Good health starts with a good diet, but it’s not exactly easy to overhaul your current diet to a healthier one. Everything’s better when done slowly but surely, and even that applies to eating healthy.

Start by adding vegetables to your current meals, even one or two veggies can do a lot. Another thing that will help you make the change is by learning how to cook delicious but healthy meals. While many people often think that healthy meals aren’t delicious, that’s far from the truth. Familiarize yourself with the different cooking methods of different ingredients and you’ll find that even the vegetables you hate growing up taste nice.

Look Good According to You

You should look good according to what you think looks good, and not some external standard placed on you. It’s your body, and your happiness is what’s important, not some arbitrary criteria that you don’t particularly appreciate. What this means is that you should go ahead and try to please yourself when it comes to appearances. Visit a trusted wig store and get a wig that matches your style.

Get fancy or outrageous clothing, if that’s what you like. Or you can go the opposite way and be as simple as you want. Of course, your self-standards must be realistic and self-improving. Don’t pit yourself against impossible beauty standards, as it will only promote a negative body image.

Take Care of Your Skin and Teeth


If there’s one aspect of “beauty” that we all need to take care of, it’s the skin and teeth. Skincare is all the rage nowadays for this reason: having healthy skin immediately makes you look considerably better than usual. Having a good skincare routine can significantly reduce the signs of aging, make you feel more confident in your everyday life, and since it keeps the skin healthy- you become healthier by extension.

Another important aspect you should never neglect is oral care. Having good teeth will complete a beautiful smile, adding a whole new value to regular trips to the dentist. Of course, keeping up with dental care also includes keeping your teeth strong and healthy, removing any pains and woes that might concern you.

Enjoy Physical Fitness

While you’re in the process of eating healthy, taking care of your skin and teeth, why not consider adding exercising into the fray? Fitness is an integral part of making yourself look your best. It’s not about losing weight, but being in a healthy state, enough to enjoy your daily life and be significantly stronger than you were. Getting into physical fitness will also give you a sense of accomplishment unique to it: the sense of strength and power you get from lifting weights, the revitalized energy you feel after a good cardio workout. Exercise is a great way to look good, and feel even better. You’ll feel more confident and happy with your own body.

Optimize Your Day

This one is more practical than cosmetic: learn how to optimize your day and be efficient. The reality is that it’s difficult to maintain all of these without making time for them. It’s flat out difficult, if not downright impossible to maintain a full-time job while making sure you take care of yourself. To truly benefit from all your self-improvement efforts, you need to be smart with how you approach the process. Being efficient and optimized by following a schedule, creating a routine, and consistently following it will help you reach your goal faster than trying to power through it.

Looking our best doesn’t mean we’re trying to please others. It means we’re trying to be happy with ourselves and have better self-confidence. Hopefully, you find the tips provided here useful, and be on your way to looking your best.

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