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The Truth Can Make You Nauseous

marvinwolf1My wife’s cousin is teaching his son some values. He has a list of rules for his son to follow, and number one is: “Tell The Truth.”  Lately, I’ve been wishing that my wife’s cousin was also the father to the Presidential candidates.

What the heck happened to values like honesty and integrity? Cory Booker accidently speaks his heart, and the Republicans twist his words and make him into the messiah of Obama hitmen, while Democrats turn on one of their own and pressure him to make him eat his words. How dare he speak anything other than a sound bite or official position? Get in line or get punished like the rest of the Republic… err… Democra… err - does it matter anymore?

As I understand it, Obama and his people are saying that working as a successful businessman doesn’t really prepare you to be President. I suppose working as a community organizer prepared Obama to negotiate missile treaties and send hitmen against terrorists. That must have been some community he was organizing.

The truth is that no one is really prepared to be President, not even a Vice President.  There is no real training for the job. 

Romney is pulling his Reverend Wright anti-American card again. He’ll probably intersperse it with the Obama is a Muslim card and a dash of Obama wasn’t born here. Anything to take the heat off himself for being a Mormon.

The economy still sucks. Who is to blame? Democrats? Republicans? Hey, how about both? That’s closer to the truth. But you are not allowed to say that, you are supposed to choose sides.

If you are for gay marriage, you are a Communist who wants to socialize everything by giving tax breaks to the poor. If you are against abortion, you are a Fascist who wants to control women’s bodies and give tax breaks to the rich. What do these positions have in common? Well, if you give tax breaks to anyone, you increase the deficit - you know, that thing that both parties claim they want to reduce. Trickle down or trickle up, it’s all a trick.

In today’s America, you have to pick ALL of column A or ALL of column B - no moving between columns. But what if you are pro-life AND pro-gun? Keep them alive until they grow up and then you can shoot them. Isn’t that also a choice? But all political parties are anti-choice. It’s choose them or choose the highway of demons. That’s no choice at all.

Polarization and name calling have become the normal of the day. Daily, truth is a victim of the desire to win at all costs. What is truth? Even that changes on a daily basis.

I suggest you read a book called 1984. It’s a few decades late, but it’s here.

My wife’s cousin is a good man. However, maybe he’s teaching the wrong lessons for survival for his child’s future. There’s another part to “Tell the Truth.” It’s “Don’t Believe the Lies.”

Pity our children. Values are quickly becoming extinct.


Marvin Wolf is a regular columnist for Local Talk.


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