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Editor's Note 6/21/2012

DHIRENHello Readers,

            Almost half of the year has passed by already. However, the situation with our economy has not improved. The statistics of the government are showing better, but our economy has not truly improved. It might be bad statistics or we are making more money but not spending any to improve the economic cycle. I think the wrong statistics has something to do with it in my opinion. The economy might be okay. However, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Now more than ever, we will need programs to support the basic needs of the people. Before 1980, the politics were not all about money and power. They had a heart for people too. The majority of the councilpersons who were real community activists are either retired or semi-retired.

            As you travel along any roads in the nation, construction is going on to create employment. When I was studying economics, it was said that to create growth in the economy, dig a hole and fill the same hole. However, today I do not agree with my study. Why dig a hole when you have many programs and work to be finished. Giving contracts to big builders do not help the regular working class. If it continues this way for a long time, there will be protests on the street, every single day.

            On the front page of New York Times (June 17, 2012), it says that halfway houses with deep ties to Governor Christie have faced little official oversight. According to their reports, 5,100 inmates have escaped from privately owned halfway houses since 2005, and at least 1,300 after Mr. Christie took office 29 months ago. All these jails and halfway houses are getting hefty money for each inmate. The jail system in Essex County gets according to my recollection $123 per day per inmate plus many other expenses including payroll. As per my recollection, out of $123 given by the federal government, the county keeps $15 and gives $108 for expenses. The politicians forgot that it is taxpayer money.

            The services of the government are sinking while the expenses are rising. The government hires a few persons to finish the same job done by a private company’s single employee. Now they have reduced the payroll, so now they have excuse to fulfill the need of the citizens, who elected them in the first place.

I don’t know, where the future of America is going, however to curtail legal corruption - which is controlled by the legislature - the system needs overhaul. The elected officials are collecting fifty or a hundred times their salary as campaign funds, which includes our president. The legislature must make a law that whatever the campaign funds collected, the left over above their one year salary should be paid back to the government and placed to reduce property tax or so. Also, there should be a limit of maximum collection of campaign funds, so other capable candidates can run against the incumbents.


            Have a nice week. I’ll talk to you next week.

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