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Dhiren Shah

Editor's Note 08/06/2015

Hello Readers,

There are 17 well-known Republican hopefuls for the 2016 presidential nomination. A group of nine (like a baseball team) is worrying about how to handle one batter - Donald Trump - in Thursday's primetime Republican Primary Presidential debate in NH. Outspoken, money power, popular, liked and hated, Donald Trump is a different kind of candidate in the regular political arena. However, what he has done in opening his campaign was using bad words against illegal immigrants and Mexicans. It is wrong, but he will bring more attention to the campaign. He is not afraid of anyone, as he does not need any money from anyone. However, if he gets elected, he may use his power to help his businesses and go from being a billionaire to a trillionaire. The Republican Party does not have a leader, so everyone is trying their fate. As Obama has succeeded in the past, they have a right to try as well.

The list of Republican candidates include: former Florida Governor Jed Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Neurosurgeon of John Hopkins University Ben Carson, Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, Governor of Texas Rick Perry, Businessman and Real Estate Tycoon Donald Trump, Former New York Governor George Pataki, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. HP CEO Carly Fiorina. Right now, Donald Trump is leading the long list of candidates with 26% in the latest Monmouth University polls, leading nearest rival Florida Governor Jed Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Whether negative or positive, Donald Trump has made a huge impact and within a short period of time, won the hearts of the people. He stands out as a tough administrator, who can fight and make changes without fear.

In the Democratic Party, the presidential hopefuls include: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Virginia Senator Jim Webb, John Hopkins Professor Martin O'Malley, and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee. In the Democratic arena, Clinton is leading with 55 percentile points over Sanders who is far behind Clinton with 21 percentile points. Clinton will be very careful this time, as last time she had a big lead on Barack Obama, and lost not only the lead but the primary election.

Forbes has published a list of the World's 100 Highest Paid actors. Out of that, 12 newcomers were included in that list. The Top 10 actors includes five from the world, three from Bollywood India, one from China and one from Hong Kong. 1. (3 years in a row) Robert Downey Jr. with $80 Million, 2. Jackie Chan from China with $52 Million, 3. Vin Diesel with $47 Million, 4. Bradley Cooper with $41.5 Million, 5. Adam Sandler with $41 Million, 6. Tom Cruise with $40 Million, 7. (Tie) Amitabh Bachchan from India and Salman Khan from India with $33.5 Million each, 9. Akshay Kumar from India with $32 Million, 10. Mark Wahlberg also with $32 Million. Now the world is becoming a global market. It is good to know that the U.S. is a superpower, but other parts of the world are contributing to the global economy as far as entertainment is concern.

Per my talk with a few local constituents, the local municipalities have to change the way they are handling their business. People are not happy with how they conduct business, as they need faster and more efficient service. People are ready to cooperate with the municipalities, but they need assistance, such as with filling out forms for different departments, and especially construction and planning departments. The forms are not clear with understanding of the laws, so they need help. Is it lot to ask from the administrations? The language should be in layman's terms, so it is easy to fill out the forms. I do understand that some of the forms are passed by the committee's suggestions and finally passed through the departments. It is not easy to change the language of the forms or to set them up the first time, but it is very important that the people should understand them easily. Recently, I came across an auto sale, and there are no instructions on how to fill out the title transfer form. I understand the title is old, but the clarity of the instructions should be on the internet, and should make it easy for the seller, individual, co-ownership or corporate seller to fill out the title and sign in favor of the buyer.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

Editor's Note 07/30/2015

Hello Readers,

We received information that Orange Councilman Kerry Coley had a Facebook posting with pornographic video. Our reporter Walter Elliott made some calls. We received a comment from Councilman Coley's spokesperson Anthony Salters. He said that the account was hacked, and they have complained to Facebook, which is further investigating the matter. If anyone receives this disgusting email, please do not open it, as the perpetrator may use it to hack into your information.

According to the Washington Post, "Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.), a onetime rising star who came to Congress 20 years ago as a next-generation reformer, was charged Wednesday with racketeering related to an off-the-books $1 million loan to his unsuccessful campaign for Philadelphia mayor in 2007. The Justice Department charged Fattah, a senior member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, and four supporters with 29 counts that included bribery, bank fraud and other corruption charges...Following the indictment's unveiling, Fattah stepped down as ranking Democrat of the subcommittee that controls the budgets of the Justice Department, FBI and U.S. attorney's office. Fattah's lawyer, Luther E. Weaver III, declined to comment on the specifics of the indictment, having not fully read the charges, but said the congressman would fight the charges. The wide-ranging investigation has been going on for several years, leading to charges against or guilty pleas from a number of Fattah's associates, including his son and a political consultant to his mayoral campaign."

A powerful and leading man has allegedly taken a bribe and became involved in corruption. The greed of money and power can destroy someone's mind. Why have the charges come after eight years? Due to the fact that our justice system is so crooked, the police work hard to catch the criminals, but the court will let it go due to insufficient evidence. Known criminals can get away, because they have money power to hire the best lawyer. Some go behind bars due to the lack of a good lawyer on their side. That is the reason it took about eight years to charge a well-known personality, so the prosecutor will have the best chance to win the case.

According to, New Jersey is eighth in foreclosures in June. Newark is #2 in foreclosures in the state of New Jersey according to Irvington, Orange and East Orange have many foreclosure in process or already foreclosed properties. Predatory lending is the main reason for so many foreclosed properties in today's market. Those who made the mistake and bought a home are on the verge of losing it. This is due to banks who charged them an enormous amount in interest rates, penalties and may have even added many other legal expenses.

People work hard. They may have made a huge mistake, but they did not have good guidance. This is serious. To save the image of the city or township, everyone has to get-together. In response to the Newark housing crisis, a housing forum has organized to tackle foreclosures, blight and affordable housing through local policies. The forum will be at St. Lucy's Church in Newark on July 30th at 6 pm. I think it is necessary to bring all of the leaders and council members together to help people before they sign off on a mortgage. Otherwise, in the future their dreams may be shattered.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.


Editor's Note 07/23/2015

Hello Readers, 

In Austin, Texas, Sandra Bland died three days after her arrest. The video of her arrest got out and raised many questions. On Wednesday, officials released another video stating that the first video was a raw video and the information was not shown perfect. The FBI is also investigating the incident. There was an argument between Bland and the police officer. This comes after repeated and alleged scrutiny on police officers misbehaving against black suspects. People have been either shot by the officers or have died while in police custody.


Editor's Note 07/16/2015

Dhiren_Shah_photoHello Readers,

Sometimes we have to contest against wrongdoings by government employees, including the police. In some cases, we can get lucky - and a keen eye can point out a tiny mistake of the law. A woman in Ohio avoided a parking ticket when she pointed out a missing comma that she claims made the law too confusing to follow. It happened in the small town of Middletown, Ohio, where an ordinance lists certain vehicles that can't be parked on the street for extended periods of time.

The law in question lists vehicles that cannot be parked more than 24 hours, including "motor vehicle camper," according to Business Insider. Andrea Cammelleri took this law to mean that mobile homes could not be parked for 24 hours on city streets, but figured her pickup truck would be just fine. When she found a ticket on her truck the next day, she decided to fight it. She argued she couldn't abide by the law not just because the law was worded wrongly, but because she was unable to understand the law as it was written. The city argued that it obviously meant to say "motor vehicle, camper," but didn't have a copy editor on hand to make sure the comma was in the right spot. Unfortunately for Middletown, a judge with the 12th Ohio District Court of Appeals agreed with Cammelleri. He forgave the ticket and directed the city to clarify the law if it wanted to keep enforcing the ordinance.

Bill Cosby thought everything would be fine when he was young. He had money, fame and power. He could have gotten women to his heart's content. Cosby was accused of trying the same trick many times. Eventually he got caught, and confessed in a settlement case. Now the majority of the world does not believe his stories about not drugging other women. Even though he might not be criminally charged, due to the time that has passed, he will have to face many civil lawsuits.

Iran has uranium and is very close to making a nuclear bomb. Iran is a threat for supporting terrorism and producing nuclear weapons. By an agreement between the US, Iran, and five main other countries, Iran would not make a large quantity of material to produce nuclear weapons. In my opinion, President Obama made the right decision. His deal will butter up Iran, which is against the US and its allies. A country has some weight/influence with the terrorist world. A friend of mine named Richard stated the same opinion. The US and its allies have decided on a path to deal with world business and policies. The Cold War is over. We must make decisions according to today's needs.

Obama has made historic changes, Affordable Health Care Act, open relations with Cuba, the Iran Agreement. Obama has changed the economy and at least left us with a better future. The bad thing hanging over us will be the huge debt the US and its residents will face in the future. The Republicans in Congress and Israel are protesting the deal. However, due to the changing needs, we have to change our policy. We have kept close relations with our friends, but have made some enemies as well. We have ruled over the world, but now we have to sustain that leadership, and make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

Editor's Note 07/09/2015

Hello Readers, 

In Orange, a bus (maybe a #24) careened into the Bank of America at Main and High Streets. One person was struck by the bus, and at least two other people were hurt, with a car being involved as well. The accident happened around 3 pm on July 8.

A group formed by Edward Correa and Emiliano Lemos started a social media campaign for the "Cut Your Ties with Donald Trump Challenge." They started their campaign by cutting Donald Trump product ties on July 3, 2015. Donald Trump has upset millions of Hispanic population as well as many who support equality amongst all residents of the United States.

Despite the controversy, Trump has said that he will win Latino votes if he wins the republican nod for the presidential election. Also, he added that he will win Mexican votes as well. Trump is dreaming or fooling the people. If it does happen, then it will come to the surface as to who does and who does not have integrity. Those without integrity can be bought out easily.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said that Jesus would approve of gay marriage. While it is a bold statement, one has to think as to how Carter could possibly know this. It would be good if he had some proof about it. Then, it could end hatred for gay marriage once and for all.

According to the Associated Press, Bill Cosby has given drugs to women before sex. Cosby testified under oath that he has given Quaaludes to women with the intention of having sex with them. In the settlement case concerning a former Temple University employee, he admitted that at least one woman was given the drug. He has testified that he has given three half-pills of Benadryl. Cosby settled the law suit against him in 2006. Cosby resigned as a trustee from the board of Temple University trustees. Cosby has never been charged criminally and the time statutes will keep him out of criminal law suits. However, about 24 women have claimed that Cosby has drugged them for sex.

According to the Christian Monitor, Microsoft will cut 7,800 jobs for restructuring phone manufacturer Nokia, who they bought last year. A large company gives a boost to the economy. However, when they downsize, it hurts the economy badly. The market is usually stable when small businesses are able to work with the local community. I think it is high time that the politicians look for the smaller and mid-size businesses to boost the economy. Right now, by the numbers, the economy is booming. But if we see the local economy, for almost the whole nation, it is not doing great. Why there is a huge gap between the figures and the reality?

Mayme Robinson has announced her candidacy for 3rd Ward Council in East Orange, NJ. She will be running against incumbent Quilla Talmadge as an independent candidate in the upcoming November election. It is tough to challenge an incumbent and someone who is as popular as Quilla Talmadge, but Ms. Robinson deserves some recognition for her courage.

East Orange Councilman Thomas Brown passed away at the age of 81. He is known for his wit and mixing with the community. He is the father of East Orange Clerk Cynthia Brown. He was an ardent civil rights advocate. We will all pray for peace for his soul. Local Talk and myself like would like to extend our condolences to his family and wish them strength in this difficult time.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

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