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Dhiren Shah

Editor's Note: 8/16/13

DHIRENHello Readers,

As predicted, Newark Mayor Cory Booker won the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate to fill the vacated seat due to the untimely demise of Senator Frank Lautenberg. Local Talk and I reaffirm our endorsement of Cory Booker for the October special election against Republican candidate Steve Lonegan. As I have mentioned a few times before, Cory Booker will represent state of New Jersey in the best interest of people with his charisma and understanding of politics. He will put New Jersey on the map of the world and bring more money to New Jersey, because he knows how to tackle politicians and has an in-depth understanding of the laws. He is one step closer to the Senate, and I have no doubt that he will be a successful Senator representing New Jerseyans.


Editor's Note: 8/8/13

Hello Readers,

There is only one week left to choose our representative for U.S. Senate. I have endorsed Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and have received a couple phone calls, with someone personally coming to my office, asking me why I endorsed him. The endorsement is my personal opinion. My opinion is based on the benefits people will receive from the best candidate. Cory Booker has shown his charismatic impression and ideas in the combined debate organized by Montclair State University, Bergen Record and NJTV. It was the first debate when all four candidates were present to pursue voters by their views. Cory Booker has improved the city of Newark by far.

One day I was coming back from Long Island. Right before the Throgs Neck Bridge there was a sign for George Washington Bridge/Newark NJ. It made me happy that Newark became a center of attention for everyone when we mention the state of New Jersey. Cory Booker is the reason for that attention in my opinion. $1.5 billion has been poured into the construction of Newark. It might not have helped Newarkers immediately, but the money will roll on, and the benefit will finally be seen by everyone. The next mayor of Newark will receive the benefit of the strong economical development happened in Newark. We have seen the beautiful Riverside Park and walkway along the Passaic River thanks to the hard work by many, including the support of Cory Booker and Essex County Executive and champion of park development Joseph DiVincenzo.

The Patriot Act requires many patches to be fixed. It should protect the privacy of regular citizens and no one, I say no one, should take advantage to find out investigative facts about private citizens. However, the police department and FBI need access to information against terrorists to protect our citizens. So, we do need some kind of laws to allow the police and FBI to find the facts on those who are suspects or terrorists. Also, the police and FBI should have some limitation, like without certain approval they should not be allowed this benefit, except in emergencies like the Boston Marathon Bombings and 9/11.

The Newark Mayoral race will pick up its pace pretty soon. I had a talk with Councilman Darrin Sharif, who said he is jumping into the mayoral race of 2014. His father is Carl Sharif, who was once the campaign manager for Cory Booker when he was elected as mayor in 2006. Almost a year ago, Carl told me that his son would be a mayoral candidate in 2014. Darrin told me that his supporters found out about it and convinced him to run. He will announce his candidacy within two or three weeks.

It will be a very interesting election to see who will take the powerful helm of Newark. Anibal Ramos, the acting president of the Newark City Council, is the frontrunner so far. Shavar Jefferies, a bright young man and lawyer who has not held any office prior to this election, is also a promising candidate. Ras Baraka, the principal of Central High School in Newark and son of noted poet laureate Amiri Baraka, is popular in the South Ward. It will be interesting to see who Booker will support. Booker will be powerful, in my assumption, as a U.S. Senator. He will be working very hard for the people to get reelected in November 2014 for the full six year term.

Urban Essex County, except East Orange, has had a spike up crime activity lately. However, this is an alarming situation for the police department, and especially Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura. From my question, he thinks that this is a temporary spike and everything will be under control.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

Editor's Note: 8/1/13

DHIRENHello Readers,

I must thank the organizer and committee who selected me to represent the State of New Jersey as a Grand Marshal in the Jersey City Statewide Caribbean Parade and Carnival on July 27, 2013. Thousands of people joined in and watch the parade pass by from Lincoln Park in Jersey City to Kennedy Boulevard to Montgomery Street and ending at City Hall. This was their 18th annual parade, which was combined with a festival. This brought more attention to the Parade. Due to a prior commitment, newly elected mayor Steven Fulop could not attend the parade, but two councilpersons served as Grand Marshals who led the parade with us. The effort by the committee to unite the Caribbean community with other minorities is commendable. The team of organizers worked tirelessly for four months to make this event successful.

According to reports, Faridkot, in the state of Punjab, India, Maharaja Sir Harinder Singh Brar passed away, leaving behind an estate of approximately 40 billion dollars in 1982. The heirs were three daughters of Maharaja. Due to the untimely death of his only son, Maharaja went into a deep depression. Some servants with the help of lawyers forged the


Editor's Note: 7/25/13

DHIRENHello Readers, 

July 27, 2013 will be a big day for the Caribbean population. There will be a statewide parade in Jersey City, where more than 10,000 people on average come and show pride for their country of origin. This year, they have chosen me as one of the Grand Marshals to represent the state of New Jersey. I have been a proud New Jerseyan since 1981. I must thank the selection committee for honoring me as a people's person. I invite everyone to join our troupe of New Jerseyans and support a good cause. It was started 18 years ago by Cheryl DB Murphy, and continues to be strong organization under her helm. The parade will start at noon on Saturday July 27th from Lincoln Park in Jersey City and will end at city hall on Grove Street and Montgomery Street. Right after the parade, there will be a huge carnival right at the shore of the Hudson River.

One of the most important stunning stories of the decade is the city of Detroit filing for bankruptcy in Michigan's federal court. According to the report from Reuters,


Editor's Note: 7/18/13

DHIRENHello Readers,

 The Zimmerman-Martin case, one of the most talked about cases ever, closed with the jury declaring George Zimmerman not guilty. We live in a society of freedom, and many times the judgment may not go according to the wishes of the majority. However, we should respect the judgment. Trayvon Martin lost his life. His family lost their beloved son. We should accept the not guilty verdict, but at the same time, how the police investigated the case and delayed the procedure against Zimmerman is a huge question on everyone's mind. After a reminder by the police dispatcher, why did Zimmerman get out of his car is still a question. There was no witness, but the police investigation is to blame for delaying the investigation in my opinion. If the victim would have been Caucasian, would the police have acted the same?

The economy is improving, according to Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke. According to Bernanke, if the economic recovery is faster, than the feds will reduce buying bonds to support the economy, so inflation will be in control. The policy of bond purchases is to provide ease when there is a slow growth of the market, which is known as


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