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Dhiren Shah

Editor's Note 8/27/12

DHIRENHello Readers,


            Thanks to Missouri Congressman Todd Akins, “Legitimate Rape” has become a popular phrase. For lawmakers, anything and everything is possible. Rather than calling it a slip of tongue, Akins tried to explain that a woman can shut down her pregnancy and not need an abortion if it was “legitimate rape.” In his opinion, every woman knows how to or should learn how to magically shut down a pregnancy before they can be raped. “Legitimate Rape” is really an important statement to know about the thoughts of Rep. Akins. He should have immediately pulled his candidacy, but he did not. Even after the major Republican stronghold asked him to withdraw his candidacy, he did not. He is the only one, after the party had put him the ticket, who can decide whether to pull out of the race or not. The whole world will be eager to know the result of the contest in November.

            The six wheel Curiosity rover is currently driving around on Mars. It’s really a great achievement. A $2.5 billion rover has achieved quite a bit after being strategically dropped on the planet. However, while we have the ability to roam around Mars, we do not have pride about our own streets. First, the money went to Iraq, then Afghanistan and now Mars. Yes, I do agree that some of the money has to be spent towards research and development including NASA, but when we are having a troubled economy we should watch our spending. As a businessman, I must ask the question to the administration, how do these billions of dollars create jobs? Can’t we create more jobs and fix the economy better with this money?!       


Editor's Note 8/21/2012

DHIRENHello Readers,

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney selected his running mate last week. Despite everyone expecting New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to be his running mate, Romney selected Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin instead. His selection is based on Ryan’s track record. Ryan is a chairman of the Budget Committee. As soon as Romney announced his candidacy, the Democrats blasted him with negative emails. As a voter, I personally would like to check all of the credentials of Paul Ryan before I commit to anyone candidate. I like Obama, but this is about me and my country’s future, and I would like to check the best scenario for our future. I leave this up to the voters to decide who they have to vote for. Yes, with a minority candidate, Obama and Biden are the favorites right now in my personal opinion.

In United States, the economy is hurting everyone, especially the middle and poor working class. They work hard to make their ends meet, and now they do not have a little luxury to go to a nice restaurant or take a vacation of their choice. George W. Bush messed up our economy, but Obama has not done a great job either. All are working for rich people and our tax dollars are going to the rich or politicians. When it comes to political events and political power, waste is not in their dictionary. At any political event, I see it filled with government employees on their regular work time. Even though it will not count as part of the event expense, if we add it up the time paid to those employees - most of them are high paid employees - the cost of event will go sky high.


Editor's Note 7-12-12

DHIRENHello Readers,


            President Obama’s health care reform law has passed and it has been stamped by the highest court of law - the Supreme Court - in the United States of America. However, the Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had the courage to say at an NAACP meeting that he would repeal the health care reform law. He was booed at the meeting full of people that love Obama. Did Romney appear at the NAACP to show the world that he is a candidate for all the races? He knows that without African American votes, it is very difficult to win the race, so he was trying to create people’s perception against Obama.

            The House of Representatives have passed the resolution to repeal the President Obama’s health care reform law, which was held by the Supreme Court, by 244-185 according to ABC, “It was the 33rd vote to repeal or defund the law since Republicans took control of the chamber last year. None of the GOP's efforts stood a chance of enactment because Democrats control the Senate and the White House, which issued a veto threat Monday on the GOP's repeal bill.” Once again the working people’s law has been in danger. Obama’s great courage has been challenged by few lobbyists.

            Romney has collected the most money by any presidential candidate ever. Obama has done in 2008 election by collecting $625 million. Now the game plan has changed for presidential candidates, who want to serve the country. The game plan is money, not the service. The game plan is helping the rich to become richer.

            Newark has a huge problem. Both the city council and the city administration have not acted upon the interest of the people in my opinion. The majority of the council has permanently postponed the Municipal Utilities Authority proposal. The council tabled the MUA, rather than killing the resolution. I mentioned it back then. Now, Mayor Booker and his administration brought the MUA back to the table. The mayor has cut $2 million from council and city clerk’s budget. The mayor’s administration has proposed their end of the bargain, proposing the budget in February 2012. I understand that the council was upset and their council’s complaining. However, while the council has worked with the administration arranging numerous ongoing meetings, they did not come up a solution. The clock is ticking. With lame excuses, they have not acted upon the budget. As usual, the final deadline issued by the state woke them up and they finally called a special meeting on Friday the 13th to introduce the budget.

            Only money, the sword of a $22 million state aid cut, forced them to do the work. Neither the mayor nor council has thought to put politics on the side and work for the interest of people, in my opinion. However, they have the gift of speech, and they will come up with more lame excuses. The reality will not change.


            Have a wonderful week. I’ll talk to you next week.

Editor's Note 6-28-12

DHIRENHello Readers,


            According to the Indian Express “Banging noises from a cargo container loaded in India led the US Coast Guard on Wednesday to suspect stowaways were inside, and an hours long wait began for it to be unloaded and opened. Both ambulances and law enforcement were on the scene.” When security was knocking during a sound check, they heard another knock. However, they have not found which container the knocking back was coming from as of yet. Out of 2,000 containers, only about 80 were unloaded as of press time. The persons inside the container would have been without food and water for days.

            Senator Robert Menendez was a staunch supporter of strict security procedures at our ports. We are protecting the airports and inland heavily, but when our security comes to the ports, it is very weak. The investigation of this will go for weeks or months. Newark is in the center of a lot of news lately, some good and some bad.

            The Presidential election is a little over 4 months away. Now even we are starting to feel the heat. President Barack Obama has a slight marginal lead according to the different polls, but basically it’s a dead heat. Anything can happen. However, the way Obama and Romney are collecting campaign money, it does not seem like there will be a healthy economy for the future. Those who supported either candidate will ask for returns and favors. It is very hard for any one of the candidate to work against lobbyists. Obama had one chance, as he was very powerful after winning the election in 2008 to put his foot down and get the job done. But he failed. He has tried his best to turn around the economy, but the economy got better for the rich, and even today the economy is bad for the working class and smaller businesses.


Editor's Note 6/21/2012

DHIRENHello Readers,

            Almost half of the year has passed by already. However, the situation with our economy has not improved. The statistics of the government are showing better, but our economy has not truly improved. It might be bad statistics or we are making more money but not spending any to improve the economic cycle. I think the wrong statistics has something to do with it in my opinion. The economy might be okay. However, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Now more than ever, we will need programs to support the basic needs of the people. Before 1980, the politics were not all about money and power. They had a heart for people too. The majority of the councilpersons who were real community activists are either retired or semi-retired.

            As you travel along any roads in the nation, construction is going on to create employment. When I was studying economics, it was said that to create growth in the economy, dig a hole and fill the same hole. However, today I do not agree with my study. Why dig a hole when you have many programs and work to be finished. Giving contracts to big builders do not help the regular working class. If it continues this way for a long time, there will be protests on the street, every single day.

            On the front page of New York Times (June 17, 2012), it says that halfway houses with deep ties to Governor Christie have faced little official oversight. According to their reports, 5,100 inmates have escaped from privately owned halfway houses since 2005, and at least 1,300 after Mr. Christie took office 29 months ago. All these jails and halfway houses are getting hefty money for each inmate. The jail system in Essex County gets according to my recollection $123 per day per inmate plus many other expenses including payroll. As per my recollection, out of $123 given by the federal government, the county keeps $15 and gives $108 for expenses. The politicians forgot that it is taxpayer money.


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