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Dhiren Shah

Editor's Note 06/11/2015

Dhiren_Shah_photoHello Readers, 

Newark is the largest populated city in the state of New Jersey. Four casinos closed down in Atlantic City. Does it mean that people stopped going to casino and stopped caring about entertainment? I don't think so. America's economy is getting better, and so does the need for entertainment. Atlantic City is far from the majority of New Jersey's residents. The revenue goes to Philadelphia and New York, except some tax dollars.

In this day and age, we need a casino that is more accessible. Newark is the right choice to place one. The County Executive and Newark Mayor are lobbying for a casino. For a long time after the 1967 riots, Newark was an afterthought. Now, Newark is growing, and coming back to the limelight like New York. Now is the time for Newark to have a casino, which gives residents jobs and an economic boost.

Two murderers escaped from a maximum security in New York. In the five days after the escape, the police, federal investigators and security personal could not find them. The prison is only 20 miles away from the Canadian border, and the news suggests they might have escaped to Canada or even Vermont. They are dangerous prisoners and smart as well. Hopefully, the police can capture them before they hurt anyone.

The World Bank estimated world economic growth to 3% in January. But now they are estimating it at the rate of 2.8%, which is a significant drop. The growth decline is due to the US growth rate being less than expected. According to the Wall Street Journal: "The development institution on Wednesday said that it now expects the world economy to grow by 2.8%, 0.2 percentage point slower than it estimated in January. 'Global growth has yet again disappointed," said World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu.' "Sharp contractions in Brazil and Russia, alongside weaker growth in Turkey, Indonesia and scores of other developing economies are offsetting healthier growth in Europe and Japan, the bank said in its Global Economic Prospects report." Even the US economic growth was reduced from expected, 3.2% in January to 2.7% now for the year 2015.

President Obama ordered the deployment of 450 troops to help the Iraqi army, but not to participate in a battle. I think that is the right move. We should not be a part of it, but we can advise them and show the tactics on how to win the battle. The world has a big fear from ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and ISIL right now. Their intention is to spread violence in my opinion. In the name of God, Jesus or Allah, peace is the way to spread the word to the world. I know that there are many problems in the world, and some persons do not understand simple language, but the majority of the world is innocent. Why punish the innocent people, I don't understand. The rage should be only against those who create a crazy atmosphere due to their selfish reasons.

US-China relations are tense lately. The US, the largest importer of merchandise from China, realized its declining economic power in the world. As China becomes more of a strong economic power, the US owes $1.3 trillion to China. It is very important for us to start making compatible products, both in price and quality. I understand our labor rate is very high, but we must use our labor force with faster production and use the best of their ability and intelligence.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

Editor's Note 06/04/2015

Hello Readers,

I received phone calls from some local residents after the Primary Election. Supporters of the Line B team would not believe that the East Orange Democratic Party Line A won all of the seats in the East Orange Council for all five wards. Andrea McPhatter, an incumbent in the 1st Ward, lost against newcomer Amy Lewis. Kevin Taylor, after losing 3 times as a mayoral candidate, ran for council lost against newcomer Mustafa Brent in the 5th ward. Jacquelyn Johnson won in the 2nd Ward, Quilla Talmadge in 3rd Ward and newcomer Casim Gomez in 4th Ward won comfortably. Congratulations to all of the winners.

During the election, there was alleged altercation incident between a senior and a prominent figure in Essex County, with both accusing each other for the altercation. The East Orange Police Department and City Hall administration did not officially release the names or the details of the incident.

As per Reuters: "A Massachusetts man detained under a terrorism probe faces charges in federal court on Wednesday, federal prosecutors said, as local media reported the man and an associate who police shot dead on Tuesday had planned to try to behead a police officer. Police arrested the man, named as David Wright by a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Carmen Ortiz, in Everett, outside Boston. He is due to face charges at 3:30 p.m., officials said. Officers working with the Joint Terrorism Task Force earlier shot and killed Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, who had been under 24-hour surveillance, after police say he confronted them with a knife."

The old Patriot Act was not approved by the Republicans. Several Patriot Act provisions expired this past Sunday at midnight. According to USA today: "The Senate voted Sunday to move forward with consideration of the USA Freedom Act, a measure that would end the controversial bulk collection of phone metadata. However, Senate leaders were unable to reach a deal to avoid the expiration of key provisions of the Patriot Act before the midnight deadline. Here are some of the immediate impacts: The 'lone wolf' provision of the law has expired. This allows U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies to target surveillance at suspected terrorists who are acting alone without any direct ties to terrorist groups or rogue nations. It specifically says that it does not apply to U.S. citizens. It has never actually been used, White House officials said."

At the French Open, top ranked Novak Djokovic surprisingly beat defending champion Rafael Nadal in a lopsided quarterfinal match at Court Philippe Chatrier 7-5, 6-3, 6-1. Nadal is considered to be the master of the clay court, winning several French Open titles in his career.

Four family members were arrested in Dallas for allegedly killing a 14 year old girl who was reportedly impregnated (allegedly 8 months pregnant) by another family member. Another family member who was raped by someone else in the family was embarrassed to come forward at first. She finally she came forward and police arrested the others. What a tragedy that destroyed the whole family. The family covered up the stillborn baby by burning the body on a grill. What an inhumane act.

Local Talk is moving to NEWARK, NJ. We are moving to 17 Academy Street, a historic and posh building in the heart of Newark. As everyone knows, Newark is moving forward, and the surrounding cities also will move forward with the support of each other. Local Talk will continue to be a hyperlocal newspaper. Local Talk Printing will continue the standard of serving its customers with top notch quality and service since 1985.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

Editor's Note 05/28/2015

Dhiren_Shah_photoHello Readers,

Temperatures of 122 Fahrenheit killed over 1118 people in the state of Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Even New Delhi, the capital city of India, has seen 122 Fahrenheit. In so many places, the power outages made it worst. Due to the extreme heat, people use their electricity at full force to cool down their house or office, rather than conserving electricity in these bad times. Those who live in huts do not have any way to fight against the heat, except to use the fire hydrants in the city. In the small rural areas, the people suffered a lot.



Editor's Note 05/21/2015

Dhiren_Shah_photoHello Readers,

An Atlanta school teacher was fired on the allegation of allowing a 14 year old student to have sex in her classroom. In this case, the boy's mother found out by looking at her son's text messages. The teacher was allowing the boy to have sex between 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning in the classroom's storage room. This happened at the Champion Theme Middle School in Stone Mountain. This should never happen, but in this world it does and people forget about these kind of incidents as time passes.



Editor's Note 05/14/2015

Dhiren_Shah_photoHello Readers,

Happy belated Mother's Day. A nice quote for everyone: "A Mother's love for her child is 'divine.' It is like nothing else in the world. It knows no laws and dares all things without prejudice or apprehensions, and crushes down remorselessly all that stand in its path."

Another natural disaster have hit Nepal. Right near the famous Kathmandu, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake took some more lives, totaling over 8,500 lives in both earthquakes. The tragedy continues in a small country with nice people. Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the help India extended to Nepal at the time of the first earthquake on April 25, 2015. Now it is crucial for India to extend their help openheartedly.

Even today, Haiti is suffering from a major earthquake that happened in 2010. The whole world helped Haiti with open arms, but after 5 years, those living in Haiti are suffering. The majority of over $13 billion has evaporated without rebuilding Haiti. I hope in the case of Nepal it does not happen.

More than 24 hours after the second earthquake, a U.S. helicopter is still missing according to Pentagon officials. Six U.S. Soldiers and two Nepalese were on board for an aid mission. The helicopter was sent to aid the hard hit region near Charikot.

A train from Washington D.C. to New York City was carrying 243 persons including five crew members when it derailed in Philadelphia. The total death toll is seven right now, per a Philadelphia fire official. Seven train cars derailed off the tracks. According to NBC: 'One of the dead is a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman, Justin Zemser, 21, of Queens, N.Y., his mother told NBC4 New York. The school, which declined to release the name until all of his relatives were notified, did say that the victim was on leave and on his way home.'

Many are still missing. Philadelphia officials are trying to sort out the names and people who were admitted to hospitals. After informing their family members, they will announce the names. This is routine procedure.

In the past week, tornadoes hit Northern Texas and Arkansas killing five. In Nashville, Tennessee, the worst part was the death of a couple who were in their 20s. They were from different high schools, fell in love and get married before they graduated. They have one 18 month old daughter, who survived and authorities handed over to the relatives.

The case of a Madison, Wis., police officer who killed an unarmed black man in March is one of a spate of similar incidents that have sparked protests around the country. The officer will not face criminal charges, a prosecutor said May 12. As seen lately, the white police officers are avoiding harsh punishments. However, we should not forget that in the United States, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It is not easy to work as a police officer, and we must consider the circumstances behind each incident. The mentality of the police officers towards African Americans and other minorities must be changed.

In Newark, the Mother's Day "Blessing of the Bikes" has been a tradition for many years. Fifteen year old Al-Shakeen Woodson became a victim when he came to watch the event. In 1912, a Newark Velodrome accident killed two people, and Newark banned motorcycle racing and any performance demonstrations. This time it was a rally. Mayor Baraka has said that he wants his office to have final say on such events in the future. Right, now, the future of Motorcycle blessing is vague. Time will tell what will happen.

On May 6, the Newark City Council voted for Augusto Amador to take the helm as Council Vice President in a 6-1 vote. Local Talk congratulates Mr. Amador on his appointment.

Have a wonderful week. I'll talk to you next week.

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